The Ergonomics of Gaming Comfortably (On your Bed)

"As much as I enjoy sitting in my chair... I hate it. Really. I want to just sit down in my bed and type. Small though the words are, and difficult to read at this distance, I do at least feel comfortable enough to type whatever I want. I sit here with my legs crossed in front of me, feeling comfortable. And most importantly, I can type whatever I want, but I already said that.

I realize now that I need a cordless keyboard. Stretching the wires of my PS/2 Keyboard to its limit from this distance creates the opportunity for a nasty incident involving the keyboard, my legs and the computer case. Two monitors may somehow become involved. Use your imagination. This could prove to be very unpleasant, at least for me.

I need a cordless keyboard."

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PoSTedUP3584d ago

got a 40" bravia, i can relax and play games in bed, use the ps3 internet browser wile laying in bed and surf the web.

it took me like 2 months to save for my 40". the wait was well worth it, i couldnt settel for a 32"... even when my room isnt that big also.