ThEvolution's Most Wanted PS3, PSN & PSP Games of 2009

2009 is looking to offer some of the biggest titles yet for the Playstation family. From KILLZONE 2 which will be featured exclusively on the Playstation 3, Resistance: Retribution which will be exclusive to the Playstation Portable and The Punisher: No Mercy which will be exclusive to the Playstation Network software will be coming in droves for 2009. There have been statements made that 2009 might very well be the year that the Playstation 3 finally shows some muscle but I beg to differ. 2008 rounded out an impressive coming out year for the Playstation 3, Playstation Portable as well as for the Playstation Network. Software sales were up and some major exclusive were realized in 2008. Nevertheless, this writer does believe that 2009 is shaping up to be a monster year the Playstation Nation.

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himdeel3558d ago any year you enjoy the functionality, games, and media components this system provides.

Nevertheless, that is an exciting list of games but I don't believe GOW3 is dropping this year. If it does I'll be pleasantly surprised, especially if it's ready by x-mas time.

_Q_3558d ago

CRIME that Fat Princess isn't on that list. What the heck is Noby Noby something or other anyway? I bet it'll suck! lol

Shadowolf3558d ago

Mquirozz excuse my neglect of Fat Princess, my bad! Fat Princess does look promising -