Star Ocean:The Last Hope shows some more pictures

Star Ocean : The Last Hope shows some more pictures and among it you will have the surprise to see Reimi half naked, something that you could expect as the creator of the game wanted to put some erotic parts inside the title. The game will hit the stores on the 24th February in the U.S.A. & the 24th of April.

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rucky3589d ago

*looks at picture*


nix3589d ago

i'm guessing it won't be ported to PS3. but i won't be surprised if it comes out in PS2. Then we can have justifiable comparisions too: GOW2 Vs. SO: the last hope.

btw, i'm a gamer too and two years ago i would have said, "graphics are everything" but for me it's now "gameplay is everything." if this game doesn't sell well, then i'll have to go with "sales isn't everything." q:

Algullaf3589d ago

i thought they said the 360 easy to progrem for it.

Foxgod3589d ago

I dont see whats wrong with that image.....
Your spelling on the other hand.

Algullaf3589d ago

you call this next gen graphics.

lol 3 dvds only for this sh!t omg dont fool your self just because you love your xbox 360 you deserve better then that right?

just wish the best for you all :) dont care for what i say k bro.

Foxgod3589d ago

Its an rpg, thank you, gfx look fine.
Its not gears of war, and its not uncharted, those arent rpg's.

Gue13589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

If this game came for the PS3 I would be a very happy droid. =)
SO3 was crap for SO4 looks much more interesting, specially after seeing that pic...

Foxgod3589d ago

amen, rpg's need more nude pixels.

Death3589d ago

Your issue may be with the art style. Perhaps this just isn't a game you prefer. For JRPG fans I think everyone will be happy.


cyrus2283589d ago

huh???? the graphics r the smoothest i have ever seen for a jrpg, no jaggies or anything. i think it looks amazing. and oooh half nakee remie :D

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