Japanese Sales: Mario & Luigi Beat Ken & Ryu In Battle to the Pain

(Media Create Sales: 02/09 - 02/15)

1. No Wii games in the top ten (but two PS3 games and a 360 game)
2. Mario & Luigi RPG3 sells almost 200k in first week.
3. Street Fighter IV sells almost 90k its first week on PS3, 40k on 360. (124k combined)
4. 13-30 = Nintendo.

Fun week.

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PantherLotus3559d ago

Selling better than both Soul Calibur IV and Virtua Fighter 5.

Wow @ PSP and PS3 taking over top 15.

Rock Bottom3559d ago

Despite the title, this is actually great news, a 2D fighter selling 124k in its first week.

Danja3559d ago

Demon Souls had a very good second week and SF4 didn't impact sales at all...

Voiceofreason3559d ago

Best selling fighter this gen? You mean in one week it already hit 8 million sold and now has more sales than SSBB? Amazing..

rhood0223559d ago

Of course Mario and Luigi beat Ken and Ryu.

Luigi's retarded and we all know true warriors don't pick on the handicapped. And Mario can grow to like 100X his normal size.

So while Ken and Ryu are trying to figure out what to do with Luigi, who's running at them a** first (see SSBM for reference), Mario just steps on them.

PantherLotus3559d ago

This is one of those "I don't care how long the train is as long as I got the caboose" things, isn't it?

rhood0223559d ago

It's more like a "Why is this little green retard trying to attack me with his ass" thing.

Zeus Lee3559d ago

There's just no stopping Nintendo is there?

PantherLotus3559d ago

I'm not sure it was even close.

In regards to generational command and the longevity of the medium, Nintendo doesn't appear to be beatable at the moment.

Then again, neither did Sony 3 years ago.

Tidus113559d ago

Yea sony can't be too mad about those numbers practicly took every spot 2-15

Voiceofreason3559d ago

#1 DS, #5 360 #10 DS and 13-30 are all Nintendo.
Not sure how anyone could think 2-15 were Sony when clearly that is just not the case at all.

cpt3559d ago

DSL 15000
DSi 46000
PSP 32000
Wii 21000
PS3 19000
PS2 6100
360 10000


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The story is too old to be commented.