Xbox 360 100 Percent Failure Rate

Article from kotaku.

The crapped-out Xbox 360 frustrated consumer train continues! This time it's an employee at Texas-based Tek Republik, a full-service computer shop that also doubles as a gaming center. According to employee Chris_Tom:

"Yes, every Xbox 360 I bought at launch is bricked with the 3 red flashing lights. Microsoft despite the widely reported policy of repairing hosed 360s for free that were manufactured in 2005 refuses to do so".

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GaMr-4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

Not so isolated now is it. This is getting out of hand. I still cant believe the fanboy in gamespot back in december. Telling me not to buy a PS3 they have a high failure rate. They burn up,shoot sparks and start I wonder if his 360 still works.



*Thankz* Wait till you see next months... ahahaha

Rasputin20114299d ago

I need to tell you that your Avitar totally rocks.

Monchichi0254299d ago

People call this news?!? articles like this is why Videogame jouralism is the worst type out there.
Consider the facts...your boy works at a computer shop. Hmm, i wonder if by any chance he would've tried to modify his 360?!?

Me and my best friend bough our 360's at launch and they still work perfectly fine. This is just some idiot who got his 360's busted for trying to do stupid things to them.

OldSchoolGamer4299d ago

Fanboy if you read to the end he has 2 units from launch, and both ended up being defective. Wow, that is simply bad luck, 4% failure rate is industry norm. Do investigating and you will see failure rates on PS and PS2 version 1 for each was closer to 8%. I have had bad luck with mine needing two replacements, but these have been at no cost (duh dont try and do it yourself and void the warentee, common sense). My friend down the street got his at launch and works perfectly to this day. My PS2 on the other hand I needed to buy 2 extras, since of course they failed about 2 months each after the guarentee runs out.

dantesparda4299d ago

I had a launch unit, and it broke, so now i am on my second one.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4299d ago

GayMr is one of those PS3 fanboys that post VGcharts and claims it credible. That is enough to show you what kind of person he is, he doesn’t mind posting invalid BS to try and sway peoples opinions. Kinda reminds me of a cheap politician that kisses babies for a photo opp then drops bombs on innocent people. How is you can come here day to day and get you’re a$$ handed to you? Any way keep coming back here I like having a punching bag.

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HokieFan4299d ago

I love my 360 and luckily have had no issues with it, but three of my close friends have received the rings of death...although Microsoft replaced them quickly with no complaints. I know many consoles have issues with their first batch, but this seems to be out of control. This is really damaging the reputation of the 360.

Antan4299d ago

I still think some of the issues will be out of neglect and improper placement of the machine, but its a worrying trend non the less.

Caxtus7504299d ago

Of course consoles will go wrong and twice is believable but when it comes to 3 in a row, when so many people have had no problems, i think the owner must seriously think about where he positions and how he treats the console.

The 360 does get hot so placing in the corner in a cabinet by a radiator for example is not the best of ideas.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4299d ago

I agree I leave my 360 on all the time at least two nights a week all night. I live with people who play the same 360 a lot, so yeah neglect is a big issue no one ever seems to talk about it’s always the negative stuff PS3 fans find and they avoid anything that would be truthful. (Lies are kinda there specialty) My 360 runs on average about 12 to 15 hrs a day and I just a month ago sent my (launch console) in for repairs after over a year of hard core gaming. One thing PS3 fans never seem to notice is that everyone keeps coming back to the 360 and people keep buying more, that’s the truth of 360 gaming and PS3 fans hate it.

BIadestarX4299d ago

Shame on microsoft if this is true. But lets not shoot microsoft just yet, let wait 1 years until the PS3 and the wii prove themselves. A week ago my cyvershop Sony camera which I love broke, actually only the flash(light for the dark) popped! it cracked. I paid $250 so I said freak it, I am not going to add extended insurance on something that cheap. I called Sony and they are charging me $180 + parts to fix a $250 device. At least microsoft is fixing these for free more than 1 year after purchaced. Let's hope when PS3 start braking(if they do) we are not charged $400 to fix the damn thing.

power0919994299d ago

Just as an FYI.

My PS2 had broken 3 months after the warrenty expired (it was a launch unit).

Although it was out of warrenty, Sony actually told me that they would take care of me.

I sent out the broken PS2, and I had it back less than a week later. It has been working ever since.

Grant you that was probably 5 years ago, but none the less Sony really took care of me.

Merovee4299d ago

PS3 started with a 1 year warranty. And if it's anything like my PS2, well my launch-day version is still running fine.

Arkham4299d ago

Ditto, only in my case it was about 2 years after the purchase of a launch unit. Sent it there, full drive guts replacement and new warranty , free shipping back to me all within 5 days.

Merovee4299d ago

Theres been a couple of game centers posted now that I really feel bad for. A couple of standard users too. I thought my 360 experience was bad but man some of these other people take the cake.

Bummer for that guy.

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