Rare Is NOT A Bust writes a response article to a recently published article by, and refutes their idea that Rare is "creatively bust." Read here for the full story.

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cain1413316d ago

I enjoyed that last Banjo game... Kameo was pretty good as well...

RKRigney3316d ago

Nuts and Bolts is SOOOOO underrated... I wish more people would give it a chance... Don't believe the haters who say it's "not a real Banjo game."

JeanPool3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

Banjo is bomb, in both senses of the word. But as gamingfront failed to notice, failing to make money doesn't mean a game is automatically bankrupt of worth.

TOSgamer3316d ago

I enjoyed both those games and Perfect Dark Zero. If you look on metacritic Rare games on the 360 have consistently averaged 80% or above. So arguing Rare is a commercial failure is fine. But a failure quality wise? I just don't see it.

Sasanova3316d ago

notice how fast 360 boys respond...but they have the balls to write crap about the ps3

Blaze9293316d ago

i swear people do nothing but camp on N4G all day and make counter articles.

PS3 is doomed = ps3 is not doomed
Rare is a bust = Rare is not a bust
Year of the 360 = Year of the PS3

so lame

thats_just_prime3316d ago

I love Kameo I so wish they make a Kameo . I havent tried nutz and bolts sure I'll get around to it

original seed3316d ago

I have them all. Never sold them,

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Chris Hansen3316d ago

It appears N4G has become a battleground for childish blog wars.

RKRigney3316d ago

Yeah, you're right. Nobody should say anything when one highly publicized article talks crap about an entire team of people who plenty of people are fans of.

Creative companies like Rare deserve to be defended and shown some appreciation for what they do, not deemed creatively bankrupt because they don't have the greatest sales.

StoneySweatLeafs3316d ago

Well's article gives numbers and facts all this guy is saying that rare games do not sell but they are still awesome which is just an opinion and does not contradict gamingfront's article. Fail.

RonRico3315d ago

Let get back 2 the bar!

GiantEnemyCrab3316d ago

Looks like Slapstic just beotched slapped

cheese3316d ago

The original article is rambling that's unsure of its point.

Arsenic133316d ago

A Conker sequel would sell millions. All those 12 yr old Halo kids would eat a potty mouth squirrel up.

RKRigney3316d ago

Was that remake any good?

Exquisik3316d ago

Release another Conker's Bad Fur Day and people will be all over it. That game was classic!

Unicron3316d ago

Blog versus blog! Better post it on N4G!!

LOL. This is getting absurd and rather pathetic. Uh oh, someone posted something bad on N4G, better get my poorly written blog out to counter it!


RKRigney3316d ago

Poorly written? I challenge you to back up THAT claim, good sir.

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The story is too old to be commented.