Conservative Equates Stimulus Plan with Rape Game

GamePolitics writes:

"Just when you thought the RapeLay mini-scandal was over...

Kevin McCullough, the conservative blogger who in 2008 lit the fuse that would eventually detonate as pop psychologist Cooper Lawrence's misguided attack on Xbox 360 hit Mass Effect, is back.

In a piece for the conservative Townhall blog, McCullough draws similarities between the despicable RapeLay PC game and President Obama's just-signed stimulus package.

You can't make this stuff up."

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rhood0223505d ago

You can bet this is one game he actually played.

xino3505d ago

Enough of this Rapelay stuff man! It's freaking old made in 2006. And everyon'e just banging on about it as if it's new!
There's even another worst game next to it, it's a stalker game, whereas you stalk a woman, if you are successful, you rape her in her apartment.

Enough! Man..this is Japanese stuff.

Gue13505d ago

LoL. A game about stalking OMG... LoL

all the issue about rapelay started because amazon was selling it BTW.

JsonHenry3505d ago

The sad thing is it is basically true. Only instead of me it will be my two kids and whatever grand kids I have are the ones gonna be bent over and told to smile while 60%+ of their hard earned income is going to be taxed to pay for a few bridges and schools. (and a LOT of ear marks)

But hey. I didn't vote for the Socialist. Don't blame me.

rhood0223505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

You people don't even know what socialism is. But it's funny to watch you throw that word around like it means anything.

But hey, I guess spending $280 billion on tax cuts, $40 billion to find ways to lessen our dependence on foreign oil, $7 billion for environmental cleanup projects (cause what's the use of having money for your kids if they live in toxic waste dumps), $7 billion to repair and modernize the DOD and $6 billion for things like increasing airport and border security.

Hate to break it to you, but America's been a mixed capitalist/socialist country since the late nineteenth century. Everything from emergency services (police, fire, national guard) to public schools to the military--which are all represented in the stimulus--are socialist programs.

But you're right "Socialism bad..grr" So let's get rid of those institutions I just mentioned and let private companies run the fire and police dept--I wonder how much they'd charge you per call? Hmm.

And before you say " bu bu but it doesn't create jobs," How do you think all these upgrades, research, and construction projects are going to get done?

UltimateIdiot9113505d ago

You know this stimulus plan will likely fail right?
From the start it had low success rate and if you look at history and the history of other countries, stimulus plan usually always fail.
FDR didn't succeed with it, WWII pulled us out.
Japan didn't succeed with it, better regulations did.
Stimulus plans usually do not work, it will only create inflation and a burden. Short term, there will be benefits, long term will be very damaging.
Yes, it will help upgrade and "improve" things, but at what cost? The problem with US, it's always been about short term goals. Take some lesson in international business and international business cultures, and you will see.
Japan government makes upgrade by giving companies incentives like tax breaks for companies to upgrade for example fiber optics. This is a better approach instead of just creating a stimulus plan and make rapid changes in a recession.

Also, I believe more money should be funded into asteroid detection and deflection research oppose to all these going green stuff. No point in being green if an asteroid hits. There is one with a 1/44000 chance of hitting in April 2036. Going green wouldn't matter at that point. It's big enough to wipe out possibly 95% of the life on earth.

rhood0223505d ago


I know the history of stimulus spending in this country as well as others. But the difference is that in the 1930s, there was no oversight and no means to track what was being spent and how. Also, the ideological slant of the 1930s was more about keeping the federal government OUT of the affairs of the states--thanks in large part to fears of the spread of communism and communist ideology (You have to remember, people in this country overwhelmingly supported Adolf Hitler's rise to power because they saw him as a buffer to the spread of the Soviet Union.) So instead of listening to what the federal government wanted, the states applied whatever funds they received based on their own agenda.

As for Japan, their culture dictates their approach to business--meaning they try very hard to keep things within the sphere of Japan for the benefit of Japan. Unlike US companies, which have taken tax breaks and imported jobs overseas in order to maximize profits. I do agree that companies deserve tax breaks, but they should be contingent on jobs kept in the country. Unfortunately, the term 'regulation' has become synonymous with 'socialism' or 'communism.'

kewlkat0073505d ago

and Your worried about a 700 billion Stimulus plan that's suppose to help the current job losses and economic situation.

I think your 2 kids and their grand kids have to go through the last 8 years of debt,(brought on by the last president with an un-popular war) before they start to worry about 700 billion stimulus plan.

The U.S had a surplus, before Bush jr got in the seat.

xabmol3503d ago

I liked what he said. You don't think that I liked it? I thought it was true and sadly funny in a dark comedy sorta way.

But I guess, in your opinion, I lied.

Geeze... >.>

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T-Baggins3505d ago

It is getting sad that people keep bringing this game up, its from japan came out 4 years ago and its only a f*cking video game for adults get over it already.

Coconutz9193505d ago

People either didn't read it or missed the entire point of the article... -_- It's not really about RapeLay.

Magna Farta3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

deleted my comment.

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