Can The Wii Outsell The PS2?

"Now that the Wii has surpassed PlayStation 2's worldwide sales at the end of the two year mark, it is likely that we will see the Wii outsell the PlayStation 2 at the end of this generation. Nintendo has come a long way since they first entered the console market; it is good to see they still got it in them."

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But we all know which console is the better out of the two...

CrazzyMan3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Even if Nintendo will be selling around 20-25 mln. Wii consoles per year,
that will be only around 120-140 mln. by the end of 2012.

PS2 will probably end with 150-160 mln.
Now, also with years, PS3 will be more attractive, especially at 199$ price. And x360 60Gb model at 199$ also may get some market share.

So, it`s hard to say, only time will tell. I think, it`s UNLIKELY. Wii probably will pass 100 mln., but 150-160 mln. it may not.
PS360 still get best 3rd party multiplatform games this gen, not to mention exclusives.

Here, is a list of PS360 multiplatform games, that you won`t be able to play on Wii today:
I don`t know, how many there are casual non-gamers in the world, which are willing to buy Wii, but i definitely can say, that there not many casual and hardcore gamers, which are willing to buy Wii today. =)

Sarcasm3560d ago

Waiting for that PS2 price drop to $99.

For some reason the 360 might get there first.

ThanatosDMC3560d ago

If the Wii can actually get a variety of games, then yes. If they're gonna stay with those wii fit type games, then no.

ButterToast3560d ago

I think I'll cry when the wii sells more consoles than the PS2. Nintendo did one hell of a marketing job this gen.

ChickeyCantor3560d ago

" But we all know which console is the better out of the two.."

Well if the Wii goes beyond what the Ps2 is selling, you can expect sh/tloads more of "core" games.

SaiyanFury3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Speaking only from sales, sure the Wii might outsell the PS2. But considering the nature of the two consoles, the games on the PS2 outweigh the ones on the Wii. Sure it has a few core games, but the PS2 has far more high quality games that appeal to core gamers over a much longer period of time. Hell, the PS2 after 8 years of life is STILL getting more core games than the Wii can offer.

ChickeyCantor3560d ago

And you think the Ps2 would have gotten them if it didn't sell?

The reason the Ps2 got so many great games is because of the audience being so big. It kept growing and growing and still going strong.

I see no reason for the Wii not to have the same life as the Ps2, if it keeps selling like this.
Developers jump ship when they realise where the money is.

n4f3559d ago

does the ps3 selling worst that the gamecube yeah sure that right

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Domenikos3560d ago

Its selling like wafles...

princejb1343560d ago

it problably still is
on my region is not selling as much no more
in my retail store we have about 25 wiis's in the back, and we only sold one in the past 2 weeks
demand has gone down by alot in my district

jmare3560d ago

The problem still remains that the Wii's software sales are horrible aside from a few first-party titles. So the Wii can continue its insane console sales but eventually everyone will have it and then what? Nintendo has gotten lucky this generation.

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Party Boy3560d ago

Even if it does, it will go down as the console with the worst software lineup ever.

gametheory3560d ago

Worst software, perhaps not, but worst for its time, definitely. I mean it may have better software than the gamecube, but the Gamecube pushed the limits of console gaming somehow, the Wii isn't. So for its, time the Wii is the worst console ever in terms of software.

A cheap novelty, who'd a thunk...

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