The 5 Most Disappointing Ports of all Time

In the early 80's programmers had to write a number of different versions since no platform was pre-eminent. There were Atari 800, C64, Apple, Mac and IBM PC versions of games, but because of the specific constraints of each systems, the games were not all the same. Some games were horrific excuses of a translation. One can argue that all of the games on older systems, Atari 2600 being the main culprit, made horrendous version of the arcade original. Ok, I can entertain that argument, but some were so disappointing that they deserve special mention here.

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callahan093559d ago

How can Alone in the Dark be number 2 when the crappiest versions of it are the ORIGINAL releases. The one that's actually a PORT, the PS3 release, is by far the best version of that game and the only version I would ever dream of actually playing. Doesn't fit on this list, in my opinion. But the 2600 version of Pac-Man at number 1 is 100% correct. No argument there. That port was unplayable.

mrjuandrful3558d ago

I don't think the original release was as bad as the 360 version. 360 version = teh worst!

mrjuandrful3557d ago

Yes, Alone in the Dark was a bit of a stretch, but don't forget I meant disappointing ports..and technically, ports can go either way right? xbox-ps3 or ps3-xbox?
The alone in the dark (original version) was ahead of its time when it was released. I remember I had that version..I can't compare versions 20 years apart....thanks for the comment..much appreciated
and..what's a top list, without a little controversy...

Cajun Chicken3558d ago

I'd just like to point out that Amiga had some of the best third party published conversions/ports of Arcade games.

Ahh, Amiga.