X-play Street Fighter IV Review

X-Play writes:

"Back in the heyday of Street Fighter, the joke was that Capcom couldn't count to three. The seemingly endless string of updates to Street Fighter II established the tradition of not renumbering a Street Fighter game until substantial changes and improvements were made to the game. After many years of silence on the Street Fighter front, Street Fighter IV is perhaps the greatest leap the series has made between iterations."

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jrsenkbe3584d ago

A great game, however its taking a litle to get used to the in-game models, but he cut scenes are amazing. I also realized that I suck at fighting games, anyone have any advice on how to improve?

gaffyh3584d ago

Practice mode, also if you are playing on 360 the D-Pad is not very good so you won't be able to improve that much. But if you are playing on PS3 (or with a controller with a good d-pad), you will know how well you are doing by the amount of blisters you have on your left thumb.

PistolPumptMonk3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

First of all, AMAZING game.

As far as improving, I'm not great but I can give you a few tips. Try using a character like Ryu or Ken, I find that they are the easiest guys to master. Just look at the move list and keep practicing until you can pull off all of their special moves. The main thing is don't button mash, learn what each button does and how you can effectively use them to fight. And block alot, blocking is important. Especially get good at the dragon punch (the jumping punch move), and fireballs because if you get those two down you can play Ryu or Ken very well.

Really good tactic is keep distance between someone and throw fireballs, when they try to jump the fireballs to get to you, dragon punch them in the face. (Also, this is a good way to piss your friends off :D )

But yeah, this is coming from someone who's about to go get owned online... :)

Sexius Maximus3584d ago

I actually think both D pads suck for this game. The PS3 has no fluidity with the 4 direction design (you need a smooth, circular pad) and the 360 to way too inaccurate. You really need the Mad Catz 6 button or Arcade stick. In general, yes, the PS3 D pad is better, but I don't think either have the advantage with this game, because both suck equally.

showmethegames3584d ago

DAMN!!!, i was gonna wait to pick up this game after KZ2 because $ is tight but this game is getting high scores all over the place and it looks amazing; i may have to trade in some games to afford 2 games this month............ DAMN ECONOMY !!

boodybandit3584d ago

but if you can find a way GET THIS GAME!
It makes waiting for KZ2 go away. I was on the edge of my seat counting the days for KZ2 and right now all I think to myself is when I will find time to play some more SFIV. I just hope I can complete most of the unlockables before KZ2 hits retail.

boodybandit3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

This is the most fun I have ever had playing a fighting game. I also agree with their only gripes (no demo of combos in training/trial mode and the final boss name).

It is cumbersome trying to find the timing of some of the advanced combos in trial mode and when I made it to the boss character the first thing I thought to myself is what kind of name is Seth for a boss? ;)

celldomceen13584d ago

i dont care about his name i care that on the harder levels it took me FOREVER to beat him lol.

OOG3584d ago

ah boo i didnt want to buy this..... but im going to have to :( lol and try and find a stupid madcatz controller....somewhere lol

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