What happened to all the Rpgs from Sony. Does anyone remember The Legend of Dragoon? I thought you didn't,this game was one of the first games that introduced me to rpgs in the mid to late 90's when rpgs was the big thing, Sony had alot of original rpgs back then but alot has changed from then to now.

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Zeus Lee3293d ago

They'll be making a comeback this year,starting with White Knight Chronicles followed by Team Icos game and many others.

Gue13293d ago

Team Ico games aren't jrpg's... These are more action/adventure like Zelda than they are to FF or something.

No leveling up, no epic story with a lot of dialogue and characters, no slow battle system, etc.... Go figure out.

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cayal3293d ago

Legend of Dragoon sequel is rumoured to be worked on now. I hope that is true, I loved the first.

INehalemEXI3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

WKC, and Demon Souls are enough to last me till FFXIII, Versus and Agito. Star Ocean Last Hope I will indulge as well. Honestly I still need to finish FFXII and some other PS2 RPG's. Plan to get into valkyrie chronicles one of these days too.

MS sure did nab a few did'nt they (Star Ocean etc.). I'm not tripping though whatever helps them two to stay competitive is fairplay. LoD sequel would rock sounds far fetched though.

cayal3293d ago

"LoD sequel would rock sounds far fetched though."


Tony P3293d ago

I can't name too many Sony RPGs I'd like to see sequels of. The only two that spring to mind are Dark Cloud and Wild Arms. Stuff like Rogue Galaxy and LoD don't really need sequels imo. I can't understand how anyone ranks those games more than average.

FantasyStar3293d ago

Remember the ending of LoD? Almost impossible for a sequel. Installment maybe, or pre-quel: but prequels suck.

pain777pas3293d ago

Wild arms, Legends of Dragoon and Dark cloud for the PS3 would be fantastic. Sony has great devs so one of them can remake a next gen fallout 3 type change up to them right. Rethink the gameplay, provide some familiarity, and blow our tops off with the quality.

GameGambits3293d ago

I personally loved Legend of Dragoon. I always hoped for a sequel, but even hoped harder for a MMO version that took place during the Dragon Wars. Holy smokes would that be wild. :P

I have two other friends who'd die if I passed on news of Legend of Dragoon 2 finally being announced. :)

Bnet3433293d ago

Legend of Dragoon is probably one of my favorite JRPGs of all time and definitely one of the most underrated of all time. I hope they really make part 2.

akiraburn3293d ago

I would definitely like to see a new installment of Shin Megami Tensei, but I believe first they have one final installment on the PS2 that was already released in Japan and they in the process of bringing it to the US right now. I have my fingers crossed though, hoping they have a new one in the works on PS3 already.

Besides that though, a new Wild ARMs, Grandia, Dark Cloud, Tales', or entry in the Xenogears saga on PS3 would be my most desired games to see come back. Right now, in terms of announced upcoming PS3 RPGs, I am most looking forward to Demons Soul, White Knight Chronicles, and FFXIII Versus. And though it probably won't be a traditional JRPG, Team Ico's new project is something I am also very stoked on.

Danja3293d ago

A sequel to LoTD would be hard cuz the ending of that game didn't really leave room for a sequel but if they can pull it off i'll be one happy gamer I loved that game.

I would love to get a Wild Arms game on the PS3..

another Dark Cloud game would be welcomed also

SaiyanFury3293d ago

While I won't say the PS3 is loaded with RPGs, some have come and will be delivered in the future. SCE Japan is co-developing Demon's Souls, a game exclusive to the PS3 from the creators of the wicked King's Field series. Valkyria Chronicles is another PS3 exclusive that stands above it's competition very well, despite it's lack of sales. Cross-Edge is also coming in March. If you follow the timeline of the original PS, it was generally similar with RPGs; a few at first then the torrent began after it's 2nd year. On a personal note, Demon's Souls is my most anticipated game of the year simply because I'm a huge King's Field fan. It sold out in Japan because From Software underestimated the demand for the game, and I have no doubt it will do well with other fans of the KF series. The RPGs will come, it's simply a matter of patience.

cayal3293d ago

"Remember the ending of LoD? Almost impossible for a sequel. Installment maybe, or pre-quel: but prequels suck. "

I don't. I played it so long ago.

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swiftshot933293d ago

though i expected more from sony by now. They did confirm to have 5 RPGs in development though.

FantasyStar3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Eternal Sonata is a very good jRPG for what it tries to accomplish. If you can get over the fact that you're playing in a dream of Chopin' 3 hours before he dies.'s pretty engaging.

Also Enchant Arm is a decent RPG as well if you can resist punching the TV screen from the obviously over-stereotypical characters.

Kouppa3293d ago

Yes I believe that is true

queerbearandchicken3293d ago

western gamers are competitive so Shooters and sports games rule the charts. Jrpgs dont draw in casual gamers as much so less of them are made now, its too bad cause rpg's are my favorite. but its all about "pwning teh noobs" apparently. :sigh:

Kouppa3293d ago

There one of mine's to

xhi43293d ago

the only RPG's that I ever got into were

Pokemon on the Gameboy LOL