Yakuza 3 playtime runs about 30 hours

Yakuza 3 was recently reviewed by the popular Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu and it scored a 38/40. Though the magazine has come under fire as of late for some of it's more eyebrow raising reviews, a 38 is still a very good score.

Famitsu's review also revealed that the title is roughly 30 hours long. That's just for the main storyline as well, so all the karaoke singing, womanizing, golfing, tanning, and whatever other dilly dallying you have Kazuma Kiryu up to is all just bonus time tacked on to that.

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TheColbertinator3562d ago

Hell yeah.Yakuza 3 is a beast!

Come on Sega,western release plz

Skyreno3562d ago

hell yeah thats what im talking about 30 hours yes plz bring it too western

djtek1843562d ago

b b but who needs exclusives when we Bots are dominating in the Dlc department.

xwabbit3562d ago

Very nice, hope its released in the western territories

SaiyanFury3562d ago

It will be. Toshihiro Nagoshi has stated that he wants to release Yakuza 3 and Kenzan! in the west. I'm downloading the demo of Yakuza 3 from the Japanese PS Store. I can't wait until this game comes.

StephanieBBB3562d ago

Im playing Eternal Sonata and it should have been called "Eternal dialouge" instead.

If you thought playing MGS4 was bad then eternal sonata just took it to the next level. holy frigging'ell.

Doppy3562d ago

I can't wait until this game comes out. Hopefully it has English subs and options in the Japanese version so I can import it.

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The story is too old to be commented.