Play Theater: Deadly Creatures Gameplay Footage

TrueGameHeadz writes:
"Check out an extended play through of "Deadly Creatures"' fourth level - The Citadel. In it you play as the scorpion who is actually going back through the first level of the game, that you played as the tarantula. In the almost 20 minutes worth of video you get to check out most of the scorpion's moves - including some of his finishing moves. Check out the video, and see why "Deadly Creatures" is the creepiest game to come out in a long time."

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BrotherNick3560d ago

Haha, I think I may get this game.

bitboi3560d ago

this is def' worth the purchase. And the levels get better and you start to learn new moves like injecting poison into the enemies and other stuff.