IGN: Dirt 2 Preview

IGN writes:

"In 2007, UK-based Codemasters racing studio overhauled its successful Colin McRae Rally series, adding a slick new menu system, a gorgeous graphics engine and a more comprehensive sampling of the sport's events to help attract a wider audience. The result was Dirt, an impressive new racing property that left racing game fans begging for a sequel.

And being polite British types, the Codies racing team cheerily agreed to do just that. The studio officially announced Dirt 2 back in November, but details have been thin in the months to follow. That all changed this week when the developers stopped by the IGN offices to show an early version of the mud-splattered sequel, and I came away impressed."

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Elven63584d ago

This game is gonna be sick!

Rip Colin!

3584d ago