RPGfan : Rise of the Argonauts Review

Kyle Miller writes "Classic mythology is popular in RPGs and video games in general, so much so that one might say it's overused. Norse mythology comes to mind immediately, but Greek is close behind as the most common source of inspiration to developers, from enemy types to location and item names. These once-rich wells of inspiration grow barren. Nevertheless, some developers insist upon not only stealing ideas from mythology, but creating entire RPGs based on popular myths as well. Rise of the Argonauts is one such example. Argonauts is an attempt at a cinematic action RPG that tells a timeless and romantic tale, but it is a failed attempt. Rise of the Argonauts is a soulless adventure about as pointless and uninspired as excessive mythology references."

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rroded3505d ago

imo took bout 8 h to finish had some fun prob cause i like the old greek tales...
still they did a fair job using the unreal engine for a third person action rpg. and the stories for from the worst ive seen in a rpg lol