Single Player or Multiplayer: Most of the Time You Can't Get Both

Kube00 Says: Very few games that published within the last few years have done both single player and multiplayer well.

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bgrundman3504d ago

It is sad that this is a reality in far too many games.

CrAppleton3504d ago

MOST of the time.. that's true.. There are some games that really shine through though.. Gears2? Perfect Multiplayer, especially now that the glitches are fixed.. GTA IV? Awesome story! Even better multiplayer!

Mirage7493504d ago

Halo has the best of both worlds? Combat Evolved had great single player and multiplayer, but in my opinion, Halo 2 and Halo 3 were lacking when it came to single player.

table3504d ago

there i said it... killzone2 looks to be shaping up to give an awesome experience in both aspects.

Raoh3504d ago

not enough development goes into single players games..

i love online

but i dont like yall or want to play with yall that much all the time..

and its sad that most games are around 10 hours single play.. Heavenly Sword was slammed for this but it deserves a re review.. as most games are just as long lately

i'm actually enjoying X-Blades because its a great single player game.. poor reviews though

OGharryjoysticks3504d ago

Multiplayer is only good when it's local. Sure, I can hear your annoying voice talk trash, but I want to see your ugly face when you're beat down.