Inafune: Capcom "putting a lot of effort into Wii," gamers will be shocked at how good Monster Hunter 3 looks, more

Keiji Inafune made a few remarks about the Wii in an episode of the Top Secret podcast, discussing how a lot of effort is being put into the Wii and that Monster Hunter 3 will shock gamers when they see how good it looks.

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ChickeyCantor3582d ago

Capcom stop it you liar!
Wii can only do n64 looking games!


don't care much for the visuals...just make it awesome =D

showmethegames3582d ago

no, you got that wrong, the Wii can't produce better visuals than the "LAST-GEN" gamecube. here's hoping for Nintendo to prove us all's gonna b very hard to do

princejb1343582d ago

i think the wii has better visual than the gamecube, at least in my eyes

Smacktard3582d ago

It does, it's just that not many companies besides Nintendo are actually TRYING.

ChickeyCantor3582d ago

I was stretching it.

How can it not render better visuals than the Gamecube could, while in fact the hardware is derived from it with more efficiency and power.

You're logic fails.

Voiceofreason3582d ago

Just ignore ShowmetheLame. He's a Gamepro kid who spends all his time trying to trash the Wii. Guess he got tired of GP and now wants to troll this site. Logic and reason are things he can never comprehend.

ThanatosDMC3582d ago

They should make it multiplat! I dont care if it's sub-hd! I just dont want to get another Wii after selling it.

Product3582d ago

I think this game will surprise alot of people in the western world.

ThanatosDMC3582d ago

They better not hold back on the difficulty. I love g-rank monsters on 2G... not those felyne elder g-rank monsters that are a lot weaker.

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rumplstilts3582d ago

I thought the game looked stunning already but it would be amazing if they could pull it off. This game really has to come to America/Canada/Europe. I'd buy it.

TriforceLightning3582d ago

Too many games not enough time to play them.1st day purchase for me.

SinnedNogara3581d ago

The game looks like crap. If it doesn't look at least like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, then it doesn't impress me. The Wii is as powerful as an XBOX!!!!!!! The trailer I saw on GT is fuzzy, unimpresive, blocky and looks like a PS2. They aren't really pushing the system as it is, they are pushing the Wii as they see it!! They even didn't even boost the graphics in the Wii version of RE4 and they didn't upgrade Dead Rising Wii.