Team Fortress 2: Scout update includes community maps

As we count down the days until the Scout update launches, the second teaser includes details of new community created maps.

Watchtower is an Arena map that plays unlike any of Valve's Arena maps, with a heavy focus on vertical space and long, open sight lines, whilst Junction is a Gravel-Pit style map that the community has been heckling to include for months.

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Gish3534d ago

I bought orange box for pc and i have never been able to get into it like i did CS. I should probably give it another shot, but my stats are horrible.

Bnet3433534d ago

What?! Really?! I mean, TF2 is loads better then CSS. I have more fun on TF2 than CSS. MORTAL KOMBONK!!! BOINK!!!

Gish3534d ago

haha I actually am getting back to the PC thing. I bit on the L4D 25 buck sale over the weekend. I think it more has to do with an outdated pc. I get my butt kicked right now.