Gears of War Still The Best Xbox360 Has To Offer

In an article posted on They show Gears of War as still being the most sought after game for the Xbox360.

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JPomper4275d ago

Yeah, it's a wonderful game, but I haven't touched it since early January. R6:V has gotten a lot more play from me.

THAMMER14275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

The actual article brings up the fact GEARS is the highest seller while others have solid sales like GRAW, R6V, PREY, FNR3, and many others that have sold respectable numbers. I have almost 20 360 games and I have the hardest time picking what to play every night. I play Gears and R6V the most because I love busting heads with my friends online.

DG4269d ago

For multi player I would Take Rainbow Six or GRAW2 over Gears any day!

GaMr-4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

If their is 100 games released for a console. And sales result show that 1 game outsells the rest. It doesnt matter if its by 1 copy or by 1 million copies. Its fair to speculate thats the best game on the console. If it wasnt then it would of been outsold by R6:V ...Graw ...Lost Planet or The Burger King Games. But it wasnt thus making it "The Best Game" on the console. People usually use results to determine what the best is.

If there is a race usually the guy who comes in first is the best. Very rare does the 2,3, or 4th place guy get the title... "Best in the race".



Im one of those people. I havent played a better 3rd Person shooter yet.

THAMMER14275d ago

Is the headline of the article. NOT....Gears of War Still The Best Xbox360 Has To Offer. As you put it.

Stop acting so bitter toward the 360. You know what it really is. You need to stop.

TheMART4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )


You try to be unbiased. But it's clear you are a freakin' Fony Fanboy in disguise.

You changed the original title that said this:

"Gears of War still undisputed at number one"

Why do you twist and turn titles?
Mods I ask you to check them before they're posted on the main site. Sony fanboys trying to make titles to give a negative twist to it. I disrespect you and all others that play in disguise for it.

It's just clear that the 360 sells titles:

"Gears of War (GoW) stays on top of the heap as the undisputed number one Xbox360 title. This is really no surprise as this title has literally taken over worldwide as VG Charts report sales of 3.81 million copies.

GoW takes a lofty lead from Call of Duty 2 in second (1.96 copies) and Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter in third (1.85 copies). The rest of the list include Madden NFL 07, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Call of Duty 3, Fight Night Round 3, Perfect Dark Zero, Tom Clancy Rainbow Six: Vegas, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, Dead Rising, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and Saints Row. So far, nothing's shaping up enough to dethrone GoW anytime soon.

Is it possible to overthrow Gears of War? And if a new title is going take the throne away, which do you think most likely will?"

The 360 sells, the PS3 doesn't. That one has only two titles worth it's money almost 5 months after release. Still the best to offer? At least the 360 has something to offer compared to a bluray player that can do some games on top


Oh yeah you also assume the most selling title would be the best or the only 'best' game on a console. Which is also not true.

Psychonauts is the best platform game up to date. Still it failed to sell. The marketing wasn't done well. Which is a shame. I hope it get 360 support with upscaling and a new marketing campaign. It should sell a lot. Gears is an AAA title, but also the marketing machine of Epic/MS was oiled very well.

R6 Vegas is a good game, but it's maybe not balanced enough. It's hard in single player with your buddy's AI. Co-op with 4 friends on the other hand isn't even done by Gears (only 2 friends co-op).

Even though Gears is among the best games around, COD3, PGR3, UNO, Lost Planet, Bankshot Billiards, FNR3, R6 Vegas and other games are in my 360 regurlarly.

Best isn't only sold the most. Among the best on 360 there is a great line up of games the PS3 lacks or has the version with less graphics/gameplay on. Take it or leave it, it's like that

THAMMER14275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

!!!!!!!!!!!!!MASSIVE DAMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like how people disagree with you just because you have told the truth. Come on Sony fans. Stop abusing the feedback system too. Every thing The Mart says in 100% on topic of this article.

When you guys are truly able to make statements like 360 fans can make today with out being proven wrong you will not be disrespected this manor.

Stop mobbing peoples accounts because you do not like what they say.

ASSASSYN 36o4275d ago

Mart the fact that people disagree with you in mass on every response you make is a testament to the fact people do not like to hear the truth. I back you every time cause you cite sources and statements.

Balance4275d ago

Gears is an awsome game, i still play it play it at least 3-4 days a week. in terms of total sales though i don't think it will get dethroned until we see halo 3 which will desimate all.
thats not saying there aren't a ton of other awsome games, and yea i even had a fun play some of the burger king games, pocket bike racer with your friends is a blast. I have a ton of other games but i keep playing gears because chainsawing and headstomping people just is not getting old. I am ready for some new maps though which i heard is coming at the end of march.

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