Halo Wars FREE with every Xbox 360.

Press Release.

"SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - February 19, 2009 - Halo WarsTM, the next instalment in the blockbuster Xbox 360 Halo® franchise, will hit shelves on February 26th 2009. To celebrate, Xbox has today announced that every purchase of a new Xbox 360 console will receive a copy of Halo Wars* at no additional charge."

Currently Australian ONLY Offer...

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Immortal Kaim3590d ago

What a great deal. You already get like 2-3 games free with the pro and elite models, now you get Halo Wars as well.

gaminoz3590d ago

Wow that is a good deal! I'm just sorry I have to miss out because I already have the console!

xhi43590d ago

when your up against Killzone 2, GOD OF WAR 3, Heavy Rain, War Devil, White Knight Chronicles, MAG, Uncharted 2, Gran Turismo 5, New Insomniac Game, Yakuza 3 etc. all in one year the only thing LEFT to do without ANOTHER price cut is to give away 4 FREE GAMES.

And not even games that are old......BRAND NEW GAMES. Wish I hadn't have bought my 360 when it first came out......should've waited.

Great news for people strapped for cash and just want something to play!

Silellak3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Seriously, keep that crap out of the Gamer Zone. This article has nothing to do with the PS3, and no one wants to read your copy-paste PS3 exclusive list that every Sony fanboy on the internet likes to use that is probably in a global text file hosted by the SDF.

This great news for Australian gamers who like great games. Get over it.

lelo3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )


Sony is doing a bundle with the PS3 and Killzone 2. Well i guess Sony is desperate also!!! When Sony was offering PS3 with a Bravia, i guess Sony was desperate!!!

Funny, when MS does a bundle it's desperation, when Sony does it, it's a good deal... LOL

You really are something.

Doppy3590d ago

I think they did this to get higher sell numbers for the game which is smart. Does anyone know how long they are bundling the game with the consoles.

Immortal Kaim3590d ago

It says in the article that the deal will go from Feb 26th to March 26th.

@Above: Seriously I know Killzone is a good game and all, but does it really have to be brought up in every single god damned thread...

Bnet3433589d ago

Yeah no joke. I mean Sony offered MGS4, Motorstorm, and Uncharted with PS3 SKU's. Now Killzone 2. If this is a desperation move by Microsoft then Sony has to be like desperation move over 9000.

chewy3173589d ago

Sony did not offer mgs4 for free the mgs4 bundle costs more, and so will the killzone 2 bundle (if im not wrong)

Halo Wars will be given away free, to boost sales =0. I am not sure if free games count into sales numbers though.

No Way3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Yea.. And, I guess Sony was in desperation when they bundled MGS4, Uncharted, and whatever other games with the PS3, correct?

Ya know, now that I read your comment again, you really sound like Nasim.. o.O

@chewy317 - It's a deal to boost the x360 sales, not Halo Wars..

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leeeeed3590d ago

If only we ALL got something for nothing when buy a console. :P

gaminoz3590d ago

And a really good one too!

Immortal Kaim3590d ago

It isn't a bundle per say, you get the game free for a limited time only, it isn't actually in the box.

Kyur4ThePain3590d ago



Immortal Kaim3590d ago

Still pretty good offer though.

Mikerra173589d ago

theve done this with many games on both side of the consoles

they must never heard of this

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Steelspawn3590d ago

Certainly is a good deal. This game should have a big online player-base.

Eliminat3r3590d ago

Wow Fantastic deal ,thanks for the news guys!

My mate is not to happy though , as he just purchased a new 60GB yesterday.

Ohh well !

Immortal Kaim3590d ago

Wonder if he could take it back and then repurchase on the 26th?

Bnet3433589d ago

I don't know how it runs in AUS, but in the states you get 7 days to return a product.

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