GTA: Chinatown Wars Contains Sex

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the upcoming GTA game for the DS, is staying true to the series' roots. Even though the DS is generally known for its family-friendly content, Chinatown Wars will have its share of sexual content

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Foxgod3586d ago

Sex is overrated and should not be in games, on the other hand, nude pixels are 4 the win, and need to be included more often.

stpiio3585d ago

Is the Sexual content going to be touchpad interactive? xD

Seriously it's GTA, what do you expect?

FarEastOrient3585d ago

I would like some more coffee please.

KS19853585d ago

Really, Sex in GTA? I'M SHOCKED!!!?!?!

I mean come on, we expected this even on a DS.

andron3585d ago

People should never take their clothes off...

JonahFalcon3585d ago

Gee, the game was seeming so family friendly with the COP KILLING and DRUG DEALING, and now they have to ruin all that with SEX?


kr90913585d ago

What do people expect from a GTA game? There has always been sex in GTA games, at least as long as I have owned them. It's just a game people, it's not like there is an actual clip of two people really having sex. It's just pixels.

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