100° Bullet Witch Sucks something AWFUL

At game site , a list is included why to stay away from this game. Click the link to read the bashing.

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Arkham4249d ago

Phew. I'm glad I sold them "" when I did.

THWIP4249d ago

but it gets better as you play. I rented it this weekend, and am determined to get my money's worth out of it. :o
The problem is that, early on there's not much action, and the levels are so ridiculously huge. You have to run EVERYWHERE, and she's not very fast. The first big boss battle on the airplane is the best part of the game so far, and that's a few hours in. Basically, the level design is way too big for this kind of game, since she has such limited abilities. If she could fly (which would SHOULD have been a no-brainer, since she's a damned WITCH), it would've been much better. I'd give it a 6/10 at the best.

PS360PCROCKS4249d ago

DAAAMMNNN!!! LOL that was one huge bash fest right their, haha god I wanted this game so bad but all these reviews make me not even want to touch it, sigh

power of Green 4249d ago

That's too bad. It seems like this "GaMr" guy does nothing but try to find bad news for the 360 and good news for the PS3 i have never seen it the other way around. Sony Diehards i think i like the rabid ones better than the shaddy ones.

Arkham4249d ago

To be fair, both consoles' contributors do that. It's the nature of this site's community to stir things up. There are definitely more than a few rabid fans on both sides who are a bit overly-concerned their "opposing" console's bad news.

Grown Folks Talk4249d ago

it's bad for atari. again i'll use the movie theatre analogy. if you go to see a film and it stinks, it doesn't stink because of the theatre(360). it stinks because the director(atari) made a crappy movie. people aren't going to say "I'm not going to watch movies at that theatre anymore." they are going to say "That director sure does put out some sh1tty @ss movies." as far as gamr or anyone else posting flamebait. nothing is flamebait unless we treat it as such with our comments. if you don't like or agree with something someone says, then tell them why you don't agree. it's not that difficult.

OldSchoolGamer4249d ago

Not a press report, not even an analysis just flame bate, and if you are gonna cut a paste from a "story", put quotes around the item and dont post blogs unless from a developer

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The story is too old to be commented.