XBLA is "so conservative"

Zee-3's co-creator Ste Pickford believes that digital distribution services like Xbox Live Arcade are still too conservative and inaccessible for independent developers.

"Potentially, for people like us it's brilliant, but at the moment I think the door is closed".

"There are very few people allowed to release games and I think it really comes down to who you know, and whether you're friends with the gatekeeper at Microsoft."

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PS360WII4301d ago

But the arcade section on marketplace never developed into what it should be... IMO that is. There are some nice games but hardly enough to make a whole section for them. XNA was talked about, plan, and now seems like they just want everyone to forget about it. Ah well we do have GDC and hopefully we get some new ideas and words about how this will be approached

FordGTGuy4301d ago

Even XBLA games take development time, testing, and finally released in one of the set weeks. There are tons of XBLA titles that are coming but to complain about it like they have only planned two more is well stupid. The XBLA is made for a variety of gamers not a specific person and with games like Alien Hominid HD and Worms its only getting better every week. BTW do you really expect someone to pay more then 10$ a week on arcade games?