News Roundup: Nintendo's Big Secret, Battlefield 1943, and DSi info

Nintendo dominates the news today, and TGR gets an insider chat with the developers of Battlefield 1943.

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SirLarr3557d ago

I'm glad Midway isn't up in smoke, at least.

Smacktard3557d ago

Great, they can keep polluting the world with games nobody in their right mind would want to play.

Before the disagrees, when was the last time they made a good game?

NeverforgetNES3557d ago

The DSi looks pretty awesome, but I don't know if I'll like it not having a GBA slot. I always liked the option of playing gba games.

Viewtiful3557d ago

I can't wait to find out what the secret project is...

cain1413557d ago

As long as it's nothing Wii Fit like I'm happy... I want a good game...

Smacktard3557d ago

They've said it's going to be a game for the hardcore. Something completely new, something completely different. I'm pumped, I hope it's something really good.

predator3557d ago

i lost all hope in Nintendo months ago