Killzone 2 Technology Deconstructed

Killzone 2's demo refresh rate is solid almost throughout with the only noticeable drop in performance coming from the cinematic at the beginning. Here, the superb motion blur does an incredible job in hiding the drop in the refresh rate.

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kenjix3559d ago

If you think anyone is clicking this link or cares to see what you're talking about then......

Smileys3559d ago

You do care since you posted a comment. ;-)
But I had no frame rate issues.

The gaming GOD3559d ago

I found myself posting in stuff I could care less about now and again too

DavidMacDougall3559d ago

OMG!! Are you kidding me get a ****ing life. Enjoy the game and put the checklist down

rucky3559d ago

The checklist comes with the PS3 exclusivity. The media is still having a hard time believing games can look this good on consoles without using the unreal engine.

chaosatom3558d ago

They Need Hits.

Ways to get Hits:
---Talk about Ps3 being dead
---Question Killzone 2's superiority.
---Take down Ps3 exclusives.
--- DO EVERYTHING to piss off ps3 owners.

Gantrfaxx3558d ago

Whatever, i don't give a f... about the framerate as long as the game looks amazing as Kz2 does.

slimy the g8ter3558d ago

and no fake killzone articles are going to change that

Recumbent Tan3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Go away Digital Foundry, no one cares about a frame rate analysis of a DEMO.

(oh yeah and nice sneaky switch there with the title, we saw that "Killzone 2 Demo Frame Rate Analysis")

That's right, you just totally wasted your time analyzing a DEMO, that is copyrighted as TWO THOUSAND AND EIGHT.

As in, last year.

Also, please note that demos, by nature, are NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE FINAL PRODUCT.

Even if this was a retail analysis, no one would care and people would only come to this article to flame you and let you know that it was pointless and a waste of your time and resources.

techie3557d ago

The article isn't about the demo. It uses the final retail code..

ryuzu3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

1) This article was already approved once - it is the source for the Gamezine article that talks about FPS down to 20 in KZ. This is a dupe.

2) DigitalFoundry does good work and interesting analysis - however, they have been working in the past to provide comparisons of multiplats for Eurogamer. They don't do many exclusives buy they are doing KZ2. My problem is why aren't they also FPS testing Gears, Fable or whatever exclusives for the Xbox too?

As it stands, we have a seemingly negative view of KZ2's performance, it is posted twice on N4G, and there is no equivalent testing of other exclusives to compare with.

As it is, this information, while mildly interesting is of little use to anyone.


Recumbent Tan3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

My (tan) point exactly, although yours was a little softer around the edges.

JustinSaneV23558d ago

@ ryuzu:

You mean the article that has been failed because it is a duplicate of this one?

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The story is too old to be commented.