Ubisoft Confirms Wheelman Deal, Sets March Release

Kotaku writes: "Last week we broke the news that Ubisoft had picked up Wheelman from struggling developer Midway. Today, Ubisoft confirms our story, calling the deal a "strategic relationship."

Under the terms of the deal Ubisoft will market, distribute and sell the game while Midway will continue developing it. The game, which will be getting a pre-launch demo for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, is scheduled for a release in North America on March 24 and March 27 in Europe."

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Elven63586d ago

Midway got a sick deal to boot considering their condition, I'm surprised Ubisoft actually agreed to these terms, you would think they would exploit Midway.

Cajun Chicken3586d ago

I see these two merging. Hopefully that way Midway could survive in all its entirety.

Elven63586d ago

I personally don't, Midway has enough to get through this, after that smart decisions will allow Midway to run prosperously.