MacLife Review: Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack

MacLife writes: "Spore is packed to the gills with ways to customize creatures. But if the built-in menagerie of animal limbs doesn't quite add up to the exact critter you want, the Creepy & Cute Parts Pack add-on mixes in a few dozen alternatives. It requires the full Spore game ($49.95) or the paid Creature Creator ($9.95), updating the creature-editing tool. While this booster pack also includes new animations, paint patterns, and backgrounds, its fun is short-lived. We wanted a full ecosystem of updates, but the Creepy & Cute pack gives us inert brine shrimp and calls them Sea Monkeys.

The expansion pack fulfills its most basic promise; you get 60 new body parts, 48 more paint patterns, and 24 extra animations. The parts and patterns fit the theme of the title, full of doe eyes, razor claws, rag doll stitching, and bloody-organ skin. And the new movements animate your creature in expressive ways, from new dances and gymnastics flips, to being struck by lightning or chased by bees. A couple extra backgrounds allow photos and videos in front of a rainbow-laden world or wasteland scene."

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