Gamertell Opinion: Casual and multiplayer games could carry people through the recession

From the article, "Now is the time when companies have to rethink how they market games. Video game developers and publishers have to rely on casual and multiplayer games. While what TIME says holds true, that is that people will rely on forms of entertainment that will provide the best value during times of economic crisis. The analogy that TIME offers suggests people would be more likely to spend $7 on a movie than $23 or $50 on a baseball game or concert.

It can be easy to take that a step further. People would be more likely to spend $9.99, or perhaps even $29.99 or $49.99, on a game that they can own and replay, perhaps even with friends, than spend $7, $23 or $50 on a one time event.

Here is where casual games first start to look appealing..."

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