250° Live Q&A with Guerrilla Games

Playstation Blog Writes:
Thanks for joining us for our first ever live chat!

Producer Seb Downie is standing by at Guerrilla Games in lovely Amsterdam to answer your questions on, Killzone 2, Belgian beers, and Glasgow Rangers.

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SiLeNt KNighT3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Hopefully this gets approved quick so people can join in. I want to ask about their ad campaign...or lack there of and the reasoning behind it. Its pretty cool they are doing this for the fans.

is it possible to have withdrawal if you never even played it yet? i think im starting to suffer from it. i must play this game!

Mikerra173534d ago

I like how seb is one of the only people in the buisness that is constantly taking advise from the fans

Hallucinate3534d ago

bah im still waiting on my question to be answered...'will the valor points in KZ2 have any use,like for example spending them on ingame items like MGO does?'

Chaoticsoulx3534d ago

That is a dumb question btw, obviously you can't buy anything in killzone, it's not the sims.. geez lol

that's what home's for, ehhh

zainkool3534d ago

Its great that Guerrilla Games and Sony did this