Commodore is back

Commodore Gaming today announces that CeBIT 2007 will see the launch of a new breed of gaming PC as the legendary Commodore brand returns to the world of computer and video games hardware with the highest specifications available for gamers.

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Torch4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )


Caveman-ughlympics, here I come!!!!

I reckon it's gonna be a bytch to compile GTA4 in Basic.

(Awww man, I sure hope I can find my 1541 single-density 5-1/4" floppy drive to accommodate the new computer.)


power0919994303d ago

The next gen war is over.... end of story.

All hail the mighty C64`

Anyone have the cassette drive that you could get for the C64? Man that thing was so slow. :)

I wrote my first game on the C64, it was my stepping stone to my career.

Torch4303d ago

I was too hyperactive to maintain enough focus to limit my interest strictly to programming <SIGH>...but the almightly C-64 is hands down, the first product which single-handedly got me hooked on computers to this day and forever.

What was that computer magazine (Computer Gazzette??)...that monthly publication that included loads of games and applications compilable in both basic and machine language?

I recall spending countless hours as a wee twelve-year-old, entering lines upon lines of machine laguage code - which was nothing more than gibberish to me - late into the night.

Ah, good times, good times!

videogamenews4303d ago

I'm not sure if you guys are being sarcastic or something but the C64 isn't coming back, Commodore (the company) are going to be making PC's that are specificaly designed for gaming.

Torch4303d ago

But, if there's any truth to the notion that history does repeat itself, then the new Commodores are going to absolutely dominate!...that is until the "new and improved" Amiga 500 comes along. :)

This is of course all tongue-in-cheek; things are very different this time around, as it ain't just the Apple IIC that they have to worry about.

But in it's time, it was THE gaming none!...with an ultra-rich pallette of 16 colours at your disposal! On a serious note, the C-64 is a stellar early example of how a machine needn't be technically superior than its competitors to be the most popular, accepted, or supported.

"I ADORE MY 64!"

Bullseye4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )

What do ya mean C64. Those new fangled computers with their fancy names and games with tens of colours! Back in my day we programmed on proper computers like the ATARI400, so back off youngsters, ya don't know ya born :) ?"THE END"

Memo pad

Torch4303d ago

...for making me feel young again.

BTW: I never could afford a real square hole-punch; sufficed just as well with the lowly round paper punch though. Yup, Dysan was all the rage, back then.

...and don't accidentally drop that stack of punch cards!

power0919994303d ago

Does this mean the return of 512k disc's :).

Or even punch cards for that matter. The true storage media.

Honestly though given my history with Commodore I would be inclined to purchase something from them. I am pretty excited about this actually.

Bullseye4303d ago

Got unopened box of SSSD if your'e interested. Also got the hole punch,so you can use both sides of disk :)

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