Gamebosh Review: GTA IV: The Lost And Damned

Gamebosh: "Ten months ago, GTA IV hit store shelves across the world, and wowed many with its stunning new, Hi-Def rendition of Liberty City, realistic physics and toughened-up driving controls. While reviews were positive across the board, there was something of a backlash from fans upset by the darker, more realistic tone that the game took, concerned by the often repetitive missions, and downright pissed off by being constantly phoned up by in-game buddies wanting to play pool halfway through a task.

While PS3 and PC gamers will just have to lump it until GTA V turns up, Microsoft's shelling out of $50 million means that Xbox 360 owners can now get something extra out of the title via the first piece of exclusive downloadable content, The Lost and Damned. Clocking in at 1600 MS Points, and filling up just under 2gb of hard drive space, does it amount to just more of the same, and if so, is that even a bad thing for its audience?"

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