Lens of Truth: Street Fighter IV Comparison (720p video)

Lens of Truth writes, "We sat down with SF4 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and had to admit, it was sure worth the wait. With high definition, super fast moves, and a great new style, SF4 can easily allow itself to be called a classic upon release. But before we can crown the game a total success, we had to look at the game on each console."


Have patience as their servers are getting slammed.

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radzy3560d ago

it loads a game in about 4 seconds .
much quicker than playing off a disc and ps3

Pennywise3560d ago

4 seconds?? NO WAY! I am going out to buy a 360 now. Ill pick up a fire extinguisher too!

XtreemGamer3560d ago

Didn't matter 4 sec or 10 sec is the load time,and nobody cares. Only the stupid idiot xbots like you are...

PotNoodle3560d ago

You can actually install SF4 on the PS3 too (The data that is needed).

Go into the options menu and there is an optional 2gb install.

zep3560d ago

umm i have the ps3 version for a while and you can also install it to the hdd. i installed mine :) don't know how many seconds to boot up game didn't count like you did but its quite fast enough to cheat lol yes you can cheat so you cant loose battle points just press the PS button on DS3 quit game before you lost a ranked match your lost will also wont be counted if you do this so you be easily to get the 10 wins in a row achievement/trophy

Soul Train3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

What you could pick up is the lesser version of SFIV for your PS3.

Or maybe your into High School Musical 3: Senior Year? At least with that you'll be able to see 1080p output through PS3. lol!!!!!!

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outlawlife3560d ago

it actually does look like the 360 is a wee bit better, especially the lightning shots

the ps3 has very jagged shadows where as the 360s are less aliased

for the most part they are pretty close but to me it looks as though th 360 has the edge in a few places

you wont really notice while playing though im sure so the comparison is pretty pointless

jaidek3560d ago

I wouldn't say worthless, it is still informant. But yes, when in motion they look almost identical. I am just surprised at how long the PS3 takes to load without the install. 20 seconds of loading per fight is ridonkulous. Capcom needs to speak with other developers on how they got around the slower blu-ray spec.

pumpkinpunker3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

PS3 version has no aliasing and in this day and age that is unacceptable. My non-gaming laptop runs games with better aliasing than the PS3.

It's time to get with the next-gen, HD console age, Sony! Knock, knock. Anybody home? Kaz, what are you doing with that hamster? You bad, bad man.

Pennywise3560d ago

Pumpkin what are you smoking?

outlawlife3560d ago

pumpkin i think you mean anti-aliasing

aliasing is a bad thing.....

Deviant3560d ago

You are the reason comparison videos exist

acedoh3559d ago

are so big the reviewers failed to lower the PS3 versions score. So the professional reviews don't see a reason to deplete the PS3 scores but some no name website does... Okay... it makes perfect sense.

Danja3559d ago

I find it ironic that 360 fanboys have been saying Graphics isn't important it's teh Gameplay...

but when it comes to these comparisons they are always the 1st to say the 360 has the best

ne one who feels the need to justify the power of there consoles by Multi-plats is really dumb...

either PS3 Special Edition for me..

Tapewurm3559d ago

I chose the install option and the load time is nowhere near as long as it is in the video for the PS3. As for jaggies......really can't see jaggies at all on mine....guess it just depends on your setup. As far as I am concerned these games look and play pretty much the same...minus or plus a shadow here or there.

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evildeli3560d ago

I guess the PS3 doesn't need boat shadows!

iHEARTboobs3560d ago

I'm using that as part of my strategy. While in the middle of a fight i'll be like "hey did you notice that boat doesn't have a shadow?" Then i'll come in with a roundhouse and a few jabs and uppercuts. ;)

evildeli3560d ago

Very smart. Use your surroundings to your advantage!

SupaPlaya3560d ago

THAT's what I call a cheap win.

Bubble for the giggles.

ThaGeNeCySt3560d ago

eh, this comparison means nothing 2 me...

I usually buy my multiplats on the 360 but thanks to the PS3's d-pad, i went ahead and got it for PS3.

thereapersson3559d ago

lol @ all the disagrees

People are truly pathetic...