IGN: GTA IV: The Lost and Damned Review

It's been ten months since Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto IV to rave reviews and blockbuster sales numbers. Tuesday brings a new chapter in GTA IV and a new step in the evolution of downloadable content. While expansion packs that include significant single-player and multiplayer additions are old practice on PC, robust post-market content is virtually unheard of on consoles. Without question The Lost & Damned, a $20 Xbox 360 exclusive, is the meatiest DLC to date. Not only do you get a significant single-player campaign, but L&D includes 54 new music tracks, 20 new vehicles, a half-dozen new weapons, new side missions, new TV shows and new multiplayer modes. That's quite a deal when you consider the three-hour experience provided by Fallout 3's recent Operation: Anchorage DLC cost ten bucks.

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N4PS3G3559d ago

..yep...more of the same old whining ;)

hippo243558d ago

and for a GOTY winning game thats....bad?

Graphics Whore3558d ago

Most of the gamer community spoke out against the biased reviews of GTA4 it clearly did not deserve most of the 10's it received. This is no different, believe what you want Fanboys.

hippo243558d ago

Didn't seem to stop 80% of the review sites from handing it medals at the end of the year.

But according to you even though they gave it a good review score, then said it was biased, they still gave it a clean sweep for GOTY?

Did I miss something, or do actions speak louder then words?

Graphics Whore3558d ago

Clean Sweep for GOTY? I'm sorry if this was your GOTY you're not a gamer, your a poser.

Looking at your other comments though you actually are.