Bargain Bin: Strategy Edition

A Bargain Bin edition for the armchair generals out there.

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SlamVanderhuge3583d ago

Everyone i know was hopelessly addicted to Starcraft...never gave it a chance myself

SirLarr3583d ago

First game didn't seem like that much of a bargain. Aren't most DS games $30?

stewie328873583d ago

I know, but the amount of time you'll spend with the game made me feel it was worth it.

I too missed out on Starcraft initially. I actually only ever played it on the N64 and I loved it the entire time. Such a good game. I would always love playing as the Terrans and then setting myself up against a ton of Zerg comp players to see how long I could hold out against incessant rushes. You have to love the siege tank!

cain1413583d ago

Starcraft is pretty dang awesome...

stewie328873583d ago

If you like Starcraft I strongly suggest looking up Conquest: Frontier War. The game is very similar to Starcraft what with the three alien races (one human) fighting each other, but the gameplay in my opinion is much deeper. You have to watch supplies, hold wormholes, etc. The game is just great and it runs insanely cheap.

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