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Submitted by techie 2546d ago | news

Street Fighter IV PS3 is sub-HD in close-up

Gamezine: "Street Fighter IV has been getting much praise for its combination of classic gameplay and updated graphics technology, but there are differences between the console versions.

Firstly, you're going to notice more jagged edges in the PlayStation 3 game, since it doesn't feature any anti-aliasing. This is in contrast to the Xbox 360's 2xAA.

This isn't that much of a negative, since the 'jaggies' are barely noticeable when playing in the traditional gameplay view.

However, you might notice the edges in the character close-ups, a view where the PlayStation 3 suffers slightly in another area. During the close-up sequences, generally used with special moves, the PS3 game's rendering resolution drops from 720p to nearer 630p, which is then up-scaled for output."

Comparison pictures and videos can be found at the source. (PS3, Street Fighter IV, Xbox 360)

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Omega4  +   2546d ago
Not surprising really, it is a multiplatform game

Even at this late stage in this console generation the PS3 has yet to pull ahead in multiplatform games, lucky it has so many 1st party games to demonstrate its power
CaseyRyback_CPO  +   2546d ago
serious question.
After KZ2, does it matter? Or will the people who have no intention on buying the PS3 version still pretend that Halo3 ran in HD, and that resolution means more than something you cant see when you're sitting down on a couch.

Just asking.
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Lucreto  +   2546d ago
The PS3 can't pull ahead as they need to build games that will also work for the 360.

Killzone 2 shows the PS3 power.
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Omega4  +   2546d ago
Yeah it does matter, unless of course you only care about 1st party games and plan on forgetting about all the 3rd party multiplatform ones
solidjun5  +   2546d ago
no let's be honest.
Does it really matter? I mean no one cared about this until this came out. It doesn't matter. I mean if you had to choose between both of them and it came down to controller preference, then that's fine. However if it came down to the fact that "where in this screenshot RYU is at sub 645", would that really concern you? I've played both versions (i own the PS3 copy) and they were side by side at the gamestop I bought the game in and they were exactly the same. Played exactly the same with no framerate (the most important thing to me) issues. So it doesn't matter.
CaseyRyback_CPO  +   2546d ago
Omega, SF4 is rated on the PS3 just as high as the 360 version.
Again, who does this matter to outside of the people that aren't buying the PS3 version. The 360 owners.

Its not a tell of the PS3's hardware, because all of its 1st party exclusives show off hardware power, which is how it always works in gaming. Not sure if this is your first generation of gaming, but multiplatforms are always mildly different from one another since they have to program the code to work for the lowest common denominator, which is the Xbox360's Arcade Sku without a HDD. There will never be an equal port between the two, because there has never been an equal code on any multiplatform game that is 100% exactly the same in and out.

For the same reasons Burnout wont work on the Arcade units without a HDD to go online, Ps3 versions of games suffer from tiny details that ultimately dont matter unless you have a degree in computer science, capture equipment, both consoles running side by side split screen.

So Again, outside of Video Editors and the 360 community, why does it matter that SF4, a game arguably played better on the DS3 due to the dpad, which is at equal scoring right now, has been reviewed and praised equally, who does this affect?
Mr_Bun  +   2546d ago
I agree....There are always mild differences...take NHL 3 on 3...There is an extra trophy for the PSN version ("Jack of all trades" trophy). No big deal, but it just shows that multiplat games are not clones.
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JokesOnYou  +   2546d ago
@ Casey...
Only problem with your "lowest common denominator theory" is that last gen, xbox was more powerful than ps2 and it showed that in multiplats from day one....but yes you are right this isn't a big deal unless you like pausing the game to count pixels.


edit: Wow, disagrees for what? it pretty much common knowledge that xbox multiplatform games looked slightly better than their ps2 counterparts...lolz, I guess you some of you just started gaming when the ps3 launched. Oh, I see maybe its from the people who do actually pause the game to count pixels, lmfao.
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OGharryjoysticks  +   2546d ago
It will never end
There always seems to be somebody out there defending their console of choice regardless of how obvious the differences are. In the case of Street Fighter IV, the entire game's style is so jagged so it appears somewhat like it was painted in strokes that complaining about the PS3 version's difference at times of having a fraction of more jag is dumb as hell. In this case honestly comparing the two builds is pointless unless you have 2 TVs in your house set up beside each other in your room with each version playing at the same and even then it's subjective. But that's what the forces are out to do - to try and make you believe something's wrong with the PS3. Heck if you want a better example of how lame these comparisons are now check out this link and tell me the PS3 version doesn't obviously look better but since it's a 3rd party game you'll never read the truth.
Omega4  +   2546d ago
It doesnt affect anyone really except the people with two consoles that is and i know i'd rather go with the version where i didnt have to fear cutting my eyes from all the jagged edges

PS3 may have some better looking 1st party games but the 360 will also have better looking multiplatform games
gamesmaster  +   2546d ago
does anyone actually give a, sh!t? i mean, apart from fanboys.
thewhoopimen  +   2546d ago
Ok Omega4, I've had enough of your insipid bashing. If you want to make a strong case of the 360 being a more powerful system SF4 is NOT the place to be choosing your fight.

SF4 IS NOT A Technically demanding game. It features TWO characters fighting each other on a 2D/3D background. There is no "real" muscles being flexed on either console. It's not even technically more demanding then Tekken5 or SoulCalibur4 which at least feature a 360 view of the background environment.

What we see here in this scenario is a true poor conversion.
ThanatosDMC  +   2546d ago
It's multiplat, what can we say? PS3 is highly capable of Anti Aliasing that is way better than 360 but they dont know how to do it, i guess.
Omega4  +   2546d ago
@ thewhoopimen
"SF4 IS NOT A Technically demanding game."

And yet the PS3 cant even render it in true HD, not looking good for future more demanding multiplatform games is it
StayHigh  +   2546d ago
wow there no difference at all..when i look at the 360 and ps3 version it looks the same to me..all mulitplatform will look the same its a given..
pwnsause  +   2546d ago
stop acting like we give a damn of how the game looks. you put it side by side right now, it will look the same.
sonarus  +   2546d ago
Well capcom still has more experience on the 360 than the PS3. Not all developers have the same level of talent. Capcom is just showing where they lie.
StayHigh  +   2546d ago
if you talking about true hd the ps3 is the system to own right now.there is no hardly any difference in street fighter iv and im sure third developers will get even better programing the ps3..there so many huge first party exclusive games on the ps3 that shows the hardware power..all 360 fanboys have is gears of war and thats
Lifendz  +   2546d ago
Are any of these differences noticeably...
when you're playing without the Xbox360 version right next to the PS3 version? I don't recall any article other than this one saying the PS3 version suffers visually. Some articles will go to great lengths to try to make something out of nothing. Yet another article catering to fanboys in order to get hits. Sad.
nix  +   2546d ago
mart.. i can see that you don't have brains either...
forget close-up, i can notice that from up here.
UnwanteDreamz  +   2546d ago
At all you fan people pausing the game and counting pixles. What a bunch of fu8king loosers you must be. I play multiplats on PS3 and I can say haven't been dissapointed yet. I mean other than being able to use this crap in your childish arguements, how does it benifit you?

Spend your money however makes you happy but understand anyone using this as an argument for which console is more powerful is a giant douche. Same goes to PS3 gamers. Comparisons on a game like this are for socialy inept fuc*tards to debate.
JOLLY1  +   2546d ago
You can get more points in the 360 version of SFIV. Yes, I was kidding. Now quit arguing and start playing.
Aquanox  +   2546d ago
This shows how in real life, efficiency is better than raw horse power. While you might see some isolated jewels in a complicated architechture, games that also excel in technology - and gameplay - perform better in a more efficient architecture like the Xbox 360's.

Said this, I wouldn't consider the sub-HD resolution a big deal, however, the lack of AA is, considering the Xbox 360 counterpart does have it.
Gun_Senshi  +   2546d ago
ALL Multiplatforms are best on PC. END. NO CONTEST.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2546d ago
With the superiority of PS3 "power", how come we still after 2 years see multiplatform games either equal or better on the 360?

One can argue, that Sf4 isn't the most technical demanding game then one should also ask themselves if it isn't demanding why does it still look better on the 360?

I'm no fanboy and pre-ordered on PS3 (which is now on backorder), but like to say it as it is. Yet again we get another game that is better on the 360, granted this is minor if anything, but it continually re-inforces that games on the 360 is better. Just look at the US IGN review of SF IV, the PS3 version had technical issues (outside of gameplay)

"We ran into a few bugs with bringing up the XMB on the PS3 version, as the game would occasionally crash in the process and there was a strange Trophy bug that reared up when foreign unlock data was transferred to our PS3."

Instead of fanboys dismissing this, I really think that this analysis reinforces quality assurance from consumers.
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Real Gambler  +   2546d ago
"And yet the PS3 cant even render it in true HD, not looking good for future more demanding multiplatform games is it "

Fitting everything on a 9 gig disk will be demanding in the future... Still making games for consoles without hard drives will be demanding in the future. Finally finding a programmer who knows how to program a PS3 in the future? Well, more and more are learning about the console. Finding a magician who can fit more and more stuff on a 9 gig disk for a console with no hard drive, in the future? Priceless. Maybe you're future is only 1 year from now, but mine isn't.
thewhoopimen  +   2546d ago
@Omega4 and idlelee
Why is there Sub-HD and no AA?

It's called a quick and dirty port. Its what happens when developers on a limited budget say, "this is good enough"

PS3 should has quicunix. There is no excuse for having sub-hd resolution on textures for a game of this size or limited technical showcase. It's called lazy. Like your arguments.

@Sevir4 This isn't even about how the game plays in motion or not.
This is how they originally designed the game (on a PC) and how "little" thought they went to porting it. This game follows a traditional CPU processes while "GPU renders everything onscreen" mentality. Well the 360 works that way b/c it was designed for that in mind (thus why developers say it is easy to develop for yada yada).

The PS3 with split memory architectures and SPUs designed to render (as well) doesn't work that way. If they do a quick and dirty port, then the PS3 is essentially a gimped single core processor rendering to a Nvidia GPU with only 256 mb of memory. No multi-threading, non-efficient use of the remaining 256 XDRAM dedicated to the processor. No Quicunix b/c it is 'extra' work. No SPU usage b/c it is 'extra' programming and thus 'extra' work. Thus why I say all the xboy fanbots need to really educate themselves on where and when to bash.
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Sevir04  +   2546d ago
youknow i wonder, Will you be playing street fighter 4 stills?
because thats the only way you'll notice these so called jaggies. This gen people are just looking for all sorts of things to slander a console. in motion while playing, you cant see jaggies, or sub HD graphics, It looks good, runs smooth. you arent playing a still veiw picture. If thats all you wanted then you should perhaps take pictures and and and play thjose in a slide show. if seeing sub HD stills is all you want then maybe you should skip playing games to gether. i'm sure it didn't bug yuo when you were okay halo in 640p did it omega. please quit spaming, the game looks good and plays well. get over it.

it's 3 years now, The console wars need to end. play games not fanboys
eagle21  +   2546d ago
PS3 > 360
1.) Controls, PS3 wins. Most important!
2.) Special Edition, PS3 wins. Blu-ray and Ryu FTW! I also think 360's lime green is totally ugly for most box arts.
3.) Sound, no need to crank it loud cause PS3 is quiet and 360 is noisey.
4.) Play as long as you wish on PS3. :)

If you think 360 is flawless in rendering any multiplat, you are mentally delusional. Even most 360 exclusives are not impressive.
ukilnme  +   2546d ago
@ CaseyRyback_CPO

"Omega, SF4 is rated on the PS3 just as high as the 360 version.
Again, who does this matter to outside of the people that aren't buying the PS3 version. The 360 owners."

Don't kid yourself. We all know if it was the other way around it would matter to the PS3 owners, the special ones anyway which happen to be the majority on N4G. They manage to find their way in to 99% of the 360 articles good or bad. Don't worry though, I know that works both ways too.
ActionBastard  +   2546d ago
I was too busy whoppin ass with my boy Ken to notice anything that insignificant. Why not compare the load times? It's installed on my PS3 and I have yet to see "loading". I feel like I'm in an arcade.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2546d ago
Thanks for the PM.

I agree with you that it might be developer laziness to some degree, but you also have to ask Sony why they made this decision to design a console with so much theoretical power at the cost of developers time. As a programmer myself, I can appreciate a design that allows me to be more efficient instead of re-educating myself on a new and arguably untested architecture.

Lazy or not, resources are limited and budgeted. They either put it into making the port run or in adding new features. In addition, both ports (360/ps3) are made in tandem, why does one suffer more than the other?

Nobody is arguing the PS3 power as we all know the cell processor is a monster calculator, but it doesn't matter if we consistently get crappier ports than the competition.

edit: @Action Bastard below
I'm not sure if your comment was directed at me, but when I say port, I mean a port from the Arcade version, that is why I say "both ports are made in tandem"... you can't make a port of each other in tandem...

Also, this just came in. It appears there are more details and it appears the PS3 version is getting shafted again: (via another n4g news posting here)

I'm starting to wonder if I should have ordered the 360 version now. Small differences yes, but still. The d-pad on the 360 is so crappy though, I was pissed of playing MK vs. DC on it. Furthermore, even on shooters like gears changing weapons frequently changes into the wrong weapon with the d-pad. That d-pad has a 50% chance you get the action you intended it to do.
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ActionBastard  +   2546d ago
I love the ingorance in this thread. The PS3 version is not a port of the 360 version. It was built off the same engine Capcom built SPECIFICALLY for MULTIPLATFORM game development. You know, to reduce production costs by not having separate engines for separate hardware (360, PS3, PC). It's called MT Framework. Look it up.

No, my comments were not directed at you. Just the general assumption. Capcom themselves stated if there were ANY differences in the two versions, they would have placed them side by side at CES. This is just a flamebait article from a "gamer" without a PS3.
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BUKKAKALYPSE  +   2546d ago
@1.27 - I fixed your comment for you bud
27 - PS3 - 360
1.) Controls, PS3 wins for games that are focused on use of the Dpad. otherwise 360 wins by a long shot (also, if you're any good at all at SF you'd buy a joystick so this is a useless argument. Most important!
2.) Special Edition, PS3 wins. Blu-ray and Ryu FTW! I also think 360's lime green is totally ugly for most box arts. (useless argument as well..don't you already own a PS3? I do.
3.) Sound, no need to crank it loud cause PS3 is quiet and 360 is noisey. (true gamers, like myself have high end headphones for gaming or a little thing called surround sound)
4.) Play as long as you wish on PS3 or 360.

If you think 360 is flawless in rendering any multiplat, you are mentally delusional. Even most 360 exclusives are not impressive because I am HEAVILY biased and not a true fan of gaming or art.
ukilnme  +   2546d ago

LOL. That was a good fix.
SWORDF1SH  +   2546d ago
Enough of the fanboy news and fanboys on N4G.
Gaming journalist have got out of hand and its spreading to the gamers.
Be a real gamer and stop with the hate for rival console.
Both consoles are here to stay so get over it.
Make N4G a gaming site once again and MESSAGE ME to add you to the list to show that you support this message and spread this message.
Go on. Say something nice about your rival console.
People that support it:
Consoldtobots  +   2545d ago
I've done my own graphics comparison and found some GLARING flaws in the 360's graphical output. I even got a magnifying glass to see it in more detail. To my surprise those jaggies turned into letters which formed words like

"I can't run KZ2,UC2,GT:5,MGS:4,GOW3,HR,MS: PR,basically any PS3 exclusive"

NOW those are graphical flaws that would make me think twice about a console. What point am I trying to make here?

hardly noticeable jaggies vs. MONSTER PS3 exclusives = NO CONTEST

If thats the only selling point you guys have for the 360 over the PS3 I can see why many are already proclaiming it dead.
eagle21  +   2545d ago
@BUKK, try harder next time. You know what I meant.
trust me, I know gaming and art extremely well. :)
Joey Greco RULES  +   2545d ago
Whiny b*tches in this place, for reals.

I like the "jagged" look. Gives it a rough, and hand-drawn characteristic.

You wont notice this while playing the game, and if you are, then your prolly getting your @$$ beat by the opponent.

@eagle21: eagle eye smith?
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callahan09  +   2545d ago
Who cares about this crap. Some people just have too much time on their hands investigating these minute differences in graphical clarity between the PS3 and 360. It doesn't matter about the graphics, the things you should consider when choosing to buy this game are, in this order:

1) If I intend to play online with my friends, what system will they be buying the game for?

2) Which controller do I like better for this kind of game? (you can always just buy the third-party SFIV controller if criteria number 1 has you purchasing the game for the system who's controller you don't prefer)

3) Do I prefer increasing my trophy rank or gamerscore?
DaTruth  +   2545d ago
Yeah, but most of these people probably aren't buying this game, they just like to whine about it on N4G.

But seriously, If you have a 360 and no PS3, you shouldn't be in this thread, you should just see the heading and be happy. If you only own a PS3 you can discuss how Capcom screwed you or you can say, I can hardly tell the difference, and go on with life. If you have both, then you would get the PS3 version for the controller and graphical analysis is a moot point.
DelbertGrady  +   2545d ago
In conclusion, the PS3 is not the best choice if you are interested in playing multiplat games.
Don_Frappucino  +   2545d ago
"With the superiority of PS3 "power", how come we still after 2 years see multiplatform games either equal or better on the 360?"
Mirrors edge was better on the PS3 than the 360, even IGN said so. Do you homework before posting boy.
pixelsword  +   2545d ago
Well, when I play in "close up", I'll give a rat's behind...
...until then, who cares.
BUKKAKALYPSE  +   2545d ago
Try harder at what? I saw some fanboyish statements made so I highlighted or fixed them for you.

go that way >>>>>> if you feel like posting with the kiddies. I like to once in a while ;)

there are visiually stunning games for both consoles and games that are fun to play for both..whats your damage dude?
snyper831  +   2545d ago
Ps3 fanboys quit making excuses, if the ps3 was really so much more powerfull it would show in every game specially in multiplatform games i just bought a ps3 and played killzone2 and yes the game looks awesome but so many 360 games. Remember the original xbox?? ok that system was clearly more powerfull than ps2 and it showed specially in multiplatform games where you can fairly compare both systems... And at the end of the day what matters is for you to enjoy the games thats why i bought a ps3 to play some games i been missing out even though my system of choice is 360..
eagle21  +   2545d ago
You're pretty biased, calling me out instead of comment 1.0. Seriously, check the media about how visually impressive PS3 games are. :)
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medziarz  +   2545d ago
the picture quality is equal !
has anyone even look at them and compare?!
the're basicaly in the same shape
WIIIS1  +   2545d ago
I just wish to say this proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the PS3 is the inferior console for graphics.

There is absolutely no justification why multiplatforms continue to be vastly superior on the 360 even after such a long time. If the PS3 is the more capable machine, multiplatforms would at least be equal if not better on the PS3. Case on point, Xbox v. PS2. That is the plain, simple and true logic. Any argument to the contrary is unadulterated nonsense and just a deliberate attempt to blind yourself to facts in order to soothe your bruised and battered fanboy ego.

What do we make of PS3 exclusives you ask? Well firstly, while I'd admit some PS3 exclusives have high production values, I do not agree that they are graphically superior to what we've seen on 360. Secondly, even if you insist they are graphically superior, the obvious answer is that a LOT more time and money have been pumped into the development of the graphics of these games. There has not been a single 360 exclusive game with that kind of budget and emphasis on graphics. Too Human, by the way, was a game trying to revolutionize gameplay rather than graphics and in any case ran into severe problems Unreal Engine and had to restart their graphics engine from scratch.

360 > PS3 graphically. That's the bottom line, like it or not. No shame in that since Xbox > PS2 graphically too.
pain777pas  +   2545d ago
Ported games are a problem for the PS3 hands down we all must accept this few developers can get around this due to the specialized coding of the PS3. The PS3 will only accel in PS3 exclusives I can now rest easy though because the games are so close that it does not matter and the exclusive PS3 content is very good from Sony. RPG please from a SONY studio and then I'll just relax and play games not fight over resolutions for multiplats. The PS3 and Xbox 360 work differently and the PC is where most games are made then ported. So the 360 is more suited for porting PC games to based on develpers like John Carmack who have stated that with time the PS3 can output better graphics and of course physics etc but if your in a time crunch the 360 is the way to go for multiplats. All PS3 owners live with it. I'm happy about it because I think as far as games and content go with flower and Killzone in the same month show AAA titles that are diverse in style and both very high quality. The PS3 is for me.
JHUX  +   2545d ago
I hate to tell you, but if it was possible then I think we would be seeing it by now. The fact is the 360 has been out a whole year ahead of the ps3, so it should be graphically ahead at a much more noticeable level. Instead though, we see that ps3 exclusives have always out shined the 360 games. Multiplatform started off with a different story. Now though most multiplat games look about the same, which is what the developers plans are. Now a days people are trying to nitpick things that are non existent, or so small that they would find problems with something even if they were looking at the same screen shots, but they were labeled differently (thats when being a fanboy takes over your eyes). It started with resistance fall of man being a pretty impressive launch title for what it was, but then uncharted and RTOD came out(Which were best out at the time graphically). That has continued till this day, exclusives still remain better, Microsoft has the budget and they have definitely had the time to do so, yet they still haven't broken out ahead when it comes to exclusive games.

I could say "Hey, look at how much money was put into halo 3", and then that would show what came out of a big budget game. I know a lot was spent on advertising, but it had a pretty hefty development budget as well, and it definitely wasn't state of the art by any means.

Multiplatform games are going to basically be the same. The developers are going to do there best to try to make them equal. There will be minor differences that only fanboys are going to make a big deal about, I highly doubt we are going to see any Madden 07 type deals happen anymore.

I am not trying to come off as a fanboy in anyway, but I have to step in when I see excuses being pumped out that really don't make any sense. The bottom line is you are wrong, I mean if this whole generation passes, and the 360 never takes the lead when it comes to exclusives, are you going to still use that excuse that Microsoft didn't put as much money (LOL), and they didn't have time to put out games that look that good? Uncharted 2 is supposed to drop this year, I am sure it would like to have a word with you.
BUKKAKALYPSE  +   2545d ago
check the Media? I'll leave the screen shot and video comparisons to you bro. I can just touch that little icon on my PS3 and see those games up close :P
The Dude  +   2545d ago
All games look better on the 360. Every multi platform game has looked and played best on the 360.
WIIIS1  +   2545d ago
Thank you for a very civilized and studied response which I wasn't quite expecting.

I however disagree with your contentions.

I wish to state at the outset, if you will take my word as truth, that I do have all 3 consoles. I have played some of the best PS3 exclusive games like Uncharted, MGS4, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet & Clank and Resistance 2.

I cannot see why you would say that because the 360 had a year's start, it should be ahead of the 360 in terms of graphics. We did not see PS2 games being graphically superior to Xbox despite the early start of PS2. The Xbox's superior hardware simply and quickly trounced what the PS2 was capable of. Maybe you are saying that developers are still learning to program for the PS3. But it has been more than 2 years now and many games have been released during this time. That argument is therefore diminished and holds little weight. Particularly when SFIV is not a graphically or technically demanding game. So there should really be no excuse why the PS3 version is inferior if the PS3 is supposed to be better.

And the truth of the matter is 360 games have not required that kind of time and budget on graphics. Yes, a lot of money might have been spent on 360 games in terms of marketing, but that is not the issue. That is why you would have seen 2 PGRs and 2 Forzas even before a single full GT game is released on the PS3. This is a fact, not an excuse. Apart from the Gears series, you don't have any 360 game in which the marketing angle is so intensely focused on graphics and/ or animation. Unlike Heavenly Sword. Uncharted. MGS4. KZ2. GT5. I figure it is because MS wants to make money, so they want their games out fast.

The advantage that I do see on the PS3 are the animations (which made Uncharted great) and cinematics (which was what MGS4 was about). However, I do not believe those are a reflection of the graphical horsepower of the consoles. PS3 games have the luxury of indulging in animations and cinematics because of blu-ray storage space.

You say that multiplatforms are going to be basically the same and that developers are going to make them equal. Fair enough a comment. However, I can't understand fanboys who try to go further and say that the 360 is holding back the PS3 on multiplatforms. Now that is plain rubbish. How can the 360 be holding back anything when the PS3 version is not even equal the 360 version?

The true test I suspect will come in the form of Final Fantasy XIII. Videos of that game hint that the graphics are going to be astounding and possibly going to be the best on any console when released. Let's see which console performs better then...
JHUX  +   2544d ago
I agree with you in some aspects.

With what I was saying with budget, yes a ton of that is poured into marketing (which Microsoft is great at), but also 30million I believe was the developing cost for halo3. With the year head start I didn't quite make that clear, and you are right about the xbox being better graphically than the ps2 when it came out. My previous argument on that doesn't quite hold up you are right since the 360 came out with developers already very experienced on how to program for a machine like that (basically PC). I was more pointing out that developers have had such tough times learning how to program the ps3, but still off the bat the ps3 came out with some of the best looking games this gen. I think that we will continue seeing its "power" for say unlocked more and more and continue to take the lead when it comes graphics (exclusives). I think we will also see that games aren't going to need this kind of time after these initial big games are released to put out that kind of quality. Like Killzone 2 for example, a majority of that time was put on making the engine, and now that it is done we will see the next one faster, and they will also be sharing there technology with other ps3 developers.

On multiplatform games I stand by the fact that the developers goal is to make them equal. Even though I feel that the ps3 can put out better graphics overall than the 360, I think it has been proven that the 360 can still hold it's own, and people who claim that multiplats are being held back are pretty much just fanboys. Trust me any kind of fanboy annoys me as much as it probably annoys you, and you just gotta learn to weed them out on this website, as they are bad on both sides of the "war". It's no question that development is easier to do on the 360 than the ps3, so that's going to be the first choice for any developer, on a multiplat game there not going to have the funds to equally create each game, so in most cases it will always be a port. It would be nice if they were able to just create each game from scratch on each system, but the time differences and money differences prevent that.

In my previous post I apologize for downright saying you were wrong, in my opinion in some cases I believe you were, but reading back on some of it in some cases you made good points.

Hope this post made sense, had a small operation and these painkillers kind of make me forget a lot of stuff haha.
-EvoAnubis-  +   2546d ago
This is going to be a train wreck when it actually goes live on the site.
happyface  +   2546d ago
glad I have the superior version on Xbox 360 - very fun game!
Sheddi  +   2546d ago
Are u glad about the d-pad too?
I guess it all comes down to what u prefer the most.
Better d-pad or better graphics?
Black_Jack  +   2546d ago
put it this way, if psn SFIV players played against Xbox live players online, ps3 players would destroy them, thats how bad the dpad on the xbox is.
ceedubya9  +   2546d ago
D-pad for both sucks
Its just that the D-pad for the 360 sucks a little worse. So we are comparing to see which one sucks worse. Really, the best way to play on either console is with an arcade stick, or even the new fightpad that has six face buttons and a better D-pad.
-EvoAnubis-  +   2546d ago
@ happyface
I spent some time looking through your commenting history. Based on that, I can easily see that you'd claim the 360 version was superior even if it was the graphical equal to Eternal Champions on the 32X. Your opinion is irrelevant.
pumpkinpunker  +   2546d ago
glad I have the superior 360 version
lack of anti-aliasing on a HD console is unacceptable. Also, check out screen shot differences. I would be pretty mad to be a Sony fanboy and paid all that money for a game that doesn't even play Street Fighter 4 in true HD. Oh wait, I just described N4G.
#2.6 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
gamesmaster  +   2546d ago
360 fanboys use this against ps3 fanboys, but isn't the lack of AA a reflection of poor development on capcoms part. i mean we know the ps3 can do it. multiplatforms performing not so well on ps3 isnt a reflection of the ps3's hardware but of the laziness of devs and impatience to get these games out of the door.
DaTruth  +   2545d ago
Capcom does this on purpose
It's a proven fact that 360 fanboys will buy a game they didn't even want because it is deficient on the PS3; Since Xbox lost last gen they know that they're sensitive to these things. People who want the game regardless wouldn't care. So it gets them a few extra sales.
1ikedamaster  +   2545d ago
I haven't used the d-pad for fighting games since the SNES. I'll be on the 360 version thank you.
Lucreto  +   2546d ago
The different is tiny and I can barely see it even looking close.

Unless people will have the two versions playing in the same room and using magnifying lenses you will see no difference.
Kushan  +   2546d ago
Yet we see this kind of thing for pretty much every single multi-platform release, with people literally breaking out the magnifying glasses to find the smallest of differences in order to jump around proclaiming one console as "superior" to the other.
Kinda sad, really, when you think about it.
jackdoe  +   2546d ago
Actually, you need to pause the game as well when performing an ultra combo.
Marceles  +   2546d ago
"However, you might notice the edges in the character close-ups"

Didnt notice and I was playing it all afternoon
iHEARTboobs  +   2546d ago
Since everyone else is occupied
Do any of you happen to have the Hori fighting stick 3?

I've never had one and I figured that would be a good place to start.
jackdoe  +   2546d ago
The Hori Fighting Stick is pretty nice, but it is 30 bucks more than the SFIV SE MadCatz Stick and are pretty comparable. You'd be better off with the Madcatz Stick.
iHEARTboobs  +   2546d ago
Wait, the Hori fighting stick is $50. And I think it's basically the same thing as the Soul Calibur 4 joystick but without the Soul Calibur stuff on it. But I hear Hori makes great products so I might stick with them.

Edit: Thanks for the input. I'll look into it more. Just can't seem to find them online. They seem to be sold out for now.
#3.6 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jackdoe  +   2546d ago
Oops. Thought you meant Real Arcade Pro 3. My bad. The standard Hori Fighting Stick 3 is not as good as the Madcatz SFIV SE Stick.
TheMART  +   2546d ago
"Firstly, you're going to notice more jagged edges in the PlayStation 3 game, since it doesn't feature any anti-aliasing. This is in contrast to the Xbox 360's 2xAA."

PS3 pwned once

"This isn't that much of a negative, since the 'jaggies' are barely noticeable when playing in the traditional gameplay view. "

JAGGIES? PS3 pwned twice

"However, you might notice the edges in the character close-ups, a view where the PlayStation 3 suffers slightly in another area. During the close-up sequences, generally used with special moves, the PS3 game's rendering resolution drops from 720p to nearer 630p, which is then up-scaled for output."


3 seems the magical number for the PS3rd.

Damn its shown over and over again.

PS3 is maxed out and the 360 has the right components to get the best results this gen.
pwnsause  +   2546d ago
so you want a medal for that? the game still looks identical no matter how much you spin.

"PS3 is maxed out and the 360 has the right components to get the best results this gen."

after Killzone 2, do you still want to say that in all your seriousness?
#4.1 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
snipermk0  +   2546d ago
yea, whatever makes you feel better. I don't think it really matters after the GFX quality of KZ2 and Uncharted.
PirateThom  +   2546d ago
Sadly, the game is near unplayable on 360 due to the poor controller.
solidjun5  +   2546d ago
Mart, don't you find it sad.... get a hard-on for something as insignificant as this? How old are you?
Pennywise  +   2546d ago
I would love to see a picture of this guy. I imagine someone who has rarely if ever seen sunlight. Mart, get a life.
Kleptic  +   2546d ago
...and killzone 2 remains in native 720p locked at 30fps...with MSAA, hundreds of lights on screen, streams uncompressed HD textures, plus calculated lens flare and procedural wind...all the time...and looks 5x as good tech wise as SFIV...

your point is what exactly?...that the PS3 marginally loses another multiplat comparison?...thats kind of moot when the PS3 exclusives absolutely wreck the 360's...isn't it?...
Mr_Bun  +   2546d ago
This coming from a guy who has played over 70 different 360 titles and doesn't even have 1700 gamer can anyone take you seriously?
Pennywise  +   2546d ago
Its funny how Mart talks and gets owned by everyone on this site. Keep up the good work guys.
felidae  +   2546d ago
i wouldn't say "pwned" but it's really strange when it comes to multiplatform games on the PS3.

it's also strange to see your negative arguments against the PS3 because i mean .. you bought one. why are you not happy with it and enjoy the games you like? do you work for MS? do you work in a corporation against the PS3? do you care about other gamers and their choices?

i have enough negative things to say about the PS3 and i think i will never buy a PS3 again ... but i would never act like that.

i'm happy with the 360 because it has everything i need. sometimes i bash the PS3 but it's just because fanboys upset me. i played the Killzone 2 demo and (@Pwnsause) NO, it's not the greatest game ever, that's my opinion. it's a really good generic FPS but to me, it's nothing compared to a game like Bioshock.

i'm eagerly awaiting the 20th to play this, in my opinion overhyped, graphical god that is KZ2. ... rented of course!

sry 4 me english
#4.9 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TheMART  +   2546d ago
@ PirateTommy

"Sadly, the game is near unplayable on 360 due to the poor controller."

You should focus on the dpad. Everthing else the 360 controller owns the DS3.

Furthermore, the game is unplayable on a normal console controller, even the PS3 one compared to a real Arcade fighting stick. Everyone that want to play SFIV seriously should buy one period.

@ Penny

"I would love to see a picture of this guy. I imagine someone who has rarely if ever seen sunlight. Mart, get a life. "

I bet you and me in the same bar, me scoring more and nicer looking girls with no hassle.

@ Kleptic

So the only thing PS3 diehards can say is KZ2? I bet most gamers look at the total picture and that just looks better and better with every game on the 360. Its just sad that after allmost 2.5 years the PS3 still can't get it right.

@ Mr Bunny

Oh Sherlock, nice you look at gamerpoints from a Multiplayer XBL account, an account like that won't socre so many gamerpoints will it now...

@ Penny (2nd time)

Good to see you follow me around so much I have a lot of people following me, look at my profile!

@ Idontcare

Dude I don't get you anymore. You had a PS3 first, you bashed the 360. Then you bought a 360 and you were bashing the PS3. Then suddenly you had a PS3 again and bashed the 360 and now its all turned around again?

I think you're just faking and getting some support from the other side or something like that?

I didn't buy the PS3 because I like the hardwarechoices or Sony. I've said this before and say it again: I bought the PS3 just to be able to play LittleBigPlanet. I still hate the hardwarechoices, not the best gamingdevice and Sony's nonsense. Its funny that although all promises it can't compete with the 360 still after 2.5 years the PS3 got released.
#4.10 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
Gobuz  +   2546d ago
Have you got nothing better to do than mount this bash PS3 version article?

Seriously i just spliced those 2 example images and your cumming in your pants, ffs. Take a look at these and tell me the Xbox version is far superior.

I don't know what the guy in the article is referring to or the BS your coming out with Mart, the PS3 version wins hands down as there is f*ck all difference in the two and the PS3 pad is miles better for this game.

Face it, PS3 wins. Nice try, but no cookie for you or the idiot that wrote that article.

Comparison 1

Comparison 2
Kleptic  +   2546d ago
^^ its not just killzone 2...MGS4, Uncharted, GT5P, WipEout HD...just to name a few released titles the 360 hasn't touched...and how could it?...none of these titles run on UE3...and if its not UE3, then its going to look like Halo 3...yikes...

and that isn't even mentioning the several huge exclusives coming this year that will topple even killzone 2 most likely...and not one of them is on the 360...

its even better to see you act like you have your finger on the heartbeat of gamers at have NO CLUE what most gamers or even fanboys will sit hear and argue about multiplatform comparisons as if they have any weight to anyone...when in reality its people seeing games like MGS4 and killzone 2 and easily seeing the PS3 pulling far away in terms of visuals...where as pretty much everyone looks at Gears 2, the 360's best looking game so far, and say 'its not much different than the first one'...and no one is sitting around caring about a slightly muddy texture here on the 360 version, or a jaggy shadow there on the PS3 version...they both look so close in motion that its entirely irrelevant...

the only clear difference between the two systems is how SCE handles the PS3 compared to how MS handles the 360...SCE shoves millions into internal development...popping out games like killzone 2 on the other side...MS gives the EXACT same amount of money to Rockstar...for 10 hours of DLC to a game almost all of you sold or hated anyway...thats the difference...power wise the two systems may be pretty close overall...but one thing is clear...the 360 WILL NEVER go toe to toe with the PS3's exclusive lineup in terms of visuals...either A) it simply can't handle it...or B) MS won't put the money where they need to to accomplish it...I am guessing its 6 from one, half dozen the other...
Mr_Bun  +   2546d ago
Mart the wannabe
Lets your account with 1680 gamerpoints is for multiplayer eh?...
SO RockBand2 you have 10 points (1 achievement)
Call of Duty 4 - 0
UT3 - 0
GTA IV - 10points (1 achievement)
Halo 3 - 3 of 79 achievements, none of which are multiplayer
Gears 2 - You have only played the 1st chapter and only 1 achievement is thru co-op

These are just a few....I love all of the zero gamerpoints...Especially for COD4...'cause that's not a Multiplayer game is it?


Typical 360 fanboy

PS...your gamer tag can be found thru your website "" so quit implying that I am "Sherlock"
#4.13 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
XxSpiiKeZxX  +   2545d ago
@ TheF4G at Xboxkings
WTF r u talking bout frist of all who cares xbox 360 multiplatform games are slightly better since every lazy ass dev preferz the "easy" way..
ummmmmmm second ps3 in not maxed....360 is maxed out KZ2 being praised the best looking console game to date doesnt even utilize the full potential of the ps3 so wat u talkin...there are games in 360 that are already maxed or being while the ps3 is 40% from being maxed out since KZ2 uses 60%...
Why is it that every X-f4gz say 360 has better graphics when in reality the best grapphics are born through ps3..ummm MGS4 any1?? no not gears 2 the only thing succesful is how they show the color GREY in many forms...
damn MART nd here i thought u calmed down but i guess nuttin changes
TEZ-RaViNlUnAtIk  +   2545d ago
ps3 for me
this game could be running at 430p, i will still be getting the ps3 version due to crappy hardware and controller on the 360, i bet there not using many spe's on the cell due to it being a port!!!
zag  +   2545d ago
The article would be wrong completely as a res change on the PS3 would make the screen flick black then show the picture.

If that doesn't happen then the res isn't changing.

Also the SF4 game was designed for the PS3 as the arcade box is a version of the PS3 so this web site/mag what ever is claiming that SF4 is running better on the 360 due to 2xAA in fact it slows it down as the GPU has to process that as well but above that again SF4 was made for the PS3.

Also I don't know how you could pause the game then look closly at the screen as it doesn't prove anything as you'd be looking at the screens pixels and no 2 TV will have the same pitch of pixels across the screen.

On the PS3 it always outputs a 1080P image that is resized for a smaller TV res so if you output a PS3 image to 720P or 578P then the jaggies become more noticeable but the PS3 really needs a FullHD TV to get the most out of the images coming from it.

Overall I don't know how this news item ever made it to the net really as the person mustn't really own a PS3 as most of the stuff is made up, like the dropping of the res for the close ups anyone believe that has to be in fairy fairy land.
y0haN  +   2545d ago

"Jaggies" and aliasing are the same thing you inbred.

"360 has the right components to get the best results this gen"
Unfortunate you chose a fighting game post to post this on, considering the 360 D-Pad is not worth the cheap plastic it's made from in them.
#4.17 (Edited 2545d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
WildWillyWilson  +   2545d ago
Xbot fanboys really make me laugh- so so insecure!!

Whats clearly happened is that 360 has been the lead platform and the PS3 version has been "ported". Graphically it looks "marginally" inferior. I would accept that from the screenshots Ive seen.
3rd part publishers seem to favour this method as they seem incapable of getting the best out of the PS3- maybe the Killzone engine will change this.

When utilised correctly and to its full potential the PS3 produces games that Xbots merely dream of.
Killzone 2 is the first- then lets throw in Heavy Rain, Unchartered 2 oh and what about God Of War 3? Cant wait to see the faces of the xbot halfwits when this arrives!!
pwnsause  +   2546d ago
in before PoG states 360 version is superior
solidjun5  +   2546d ago
oh you mean WhyDis?
or "sadtruth". In the end, it's still PoG, I guess.
ViRaL-  +   2546d ago
killzone 2
comes out next week yay!!!
PotNoodle  +   2546d ago
I still bought the PS3 version, mainly for controls.

I can use either my PS3 controller or my USB saturn pads, both better than the 360 controller for fighting games.

I'm not a really hardcore SF fan, but i have played it for a few years casually so i don't want an arcade stick.
happyface  +   2546d ago
you really need a joystick for sf4

anyway, ps3 owners shouldn't be sad about having a jaggy low res version of SF4, its fun as hell
ceedubya9  +   2546d ago
The Saturn pads
are a good option. The new fight pad is built similar to that, but since you already have a Saturn pad, then you are saving yourself some money :).
PirateThom  +   2546d ago
That's really, really odd, because there's little difference in the "fight" image, both do have their fair share of jaggies, but it looks pretty good overall, then in that close up, it's like, what the hell happened?

I don't buy their explanation either. If there's one thing the PS3 can do, it's particle effects.
#8 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
solidjun5  +   2546d ago
I've noticed that too.
Also, is this the only screenshot where this occurs. Otherwise, it's a moot point.

Oh, I didn't the link. I appreciate it Deep.
#8.1 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
techie  +   2546d ago
No it's all close-ups. Watch the video :)
IronAva  +   2546d ago
Does it matter? I own all three systems and I am enjoying every last bit of each of them. This week I got Street Fighter IV and GTA DLC for my 360 and next week I drop everything to play KILLZONE 2. Oh and another thing House of the Dead: Overkill for Wii is pretty cool I might add. So again does it really matter????? NO! We should all play games to have fun, like the old days. (Man am I that old) :}
HardcoreGamer19  +   2546d ago
Not surprise
360 is always ahead in multiplatform games. 360 version looks alot better compare to the PS3 version. So I usually buy multiplatform games for the 360 and keep the exclusives for PS3.

Edit: Unreal Tournament 3 is the only multiplatform game I got on my PS3. I got that on PS3 because it came out earlier than the 360 version plus it has a ton of mods.
#10 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
solidjun5  +   2546d ago
dude, what's your real account name?
mboojigga  +   2546d ago
what is the shock with that? I buy only the exclusives for my PS3 everything else for the 360.
ceedubya9  +   2546d ago
Me too
It only makes sense that way, for me anyway. Multiplatform games will usually be the same on both, seeing no benefit from PS3 hardware or anything. Plus the Live community is bigger and I have more friends there.

PS3 is a great place for 1st party exclusive games. Most of the time, the games are made with care and great attention to detail. They may have long development times, but the benefit is usually a well though out and polished game in the end.

360 has had some great exclusives, but I've yet to see any really take advantage of the 360s capabilities besides the Gears of War series.
HDgamer  +   2546d ago
You're not hardcore more of a fanboy calling himself hardcore and a gamer.
HardcoreGamer19  +   2546d ago
oh are you crying because you ran out of tampons.

You sound like a fanboy

Get a life, you are crying like a b!tch, I wasn't dissin any console.
#10.5 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Consoldtobots  +   2545d ago
I buy all my games for the console that doesn't charge me to play online. Besides everyone I play with has a PS3, 360 is a four letter word around these parts.
kenjix  +   2546d ago
PS3 CE Picked up for me
So far everyone I know has it for PS3 so I guess it doesn't matter. That includes all my PS3 and 360 owner friends :)
PotNoodle  +   2546d ago
I'd rather be able to play the game with a decent dpad :P
Johnny Rotten  +   2546d ago
I don't get it, so it drops only for the special moves but at the same time it upscales?

oh well, I guess I shouldn't pause the game and pixel count during the special moves then...
#13 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Stryfeno2  +   2546d ago
360 SF4 with the TE stick FTW!!!! Luckily I bought the superior version.
Bits-N-Kibbles  +   2545d ago
I wan't to take your bubbles but it won't let me. I guess everyone got to them before me.
y0haN  +   2542d ago
You'll need that custom stick.
jackdoe  +   2546d ago
Lol. Couldn't find any other differences, so now you check for mid battle resolution changes during ultra combos? Okay... Whatever. Too bad a slight, unnoticible change in resolution during battle isn't the only factor towards deciding which version of the game to get. You get to factor in costs of the fight pads and online gameplay, which is why I went personally with the PS3 version: $10 cheaper fight stick and free online. Though, if the differences are as major as the RE5 demo, then I'd lean towards the 360 version. It isn't anything like that in this case.
#15 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Pennywise  +   2546d ago
OMG I feel lied to. This game sucks now. /s
cyrus228  +   2546d ago
game sux anyway
the classic gameplay killed it, it feels slightly better than sf2. sf3 was so much better. why did they slow it down???? after play sf4 for an hour i stopped and played guilty gear accent core again. that game owns, cant wait for Blazblue. true 2d fighting at its best
Marie  +   2546d ago
Power of the 360.
razielsonofkain  +   2546d ago
mandf  +   2546d ago
The power of the 360 Aaaaaahhaahaahah
Please you are never going to see much better graphics than gears. Ms only has 3 inhouse studios, therefor they will never build game engines or new ip's. They will always pay for publishing rights that's it. You need inhouse studios to come out with game after game that of high quality. Until Ms invests in some studios and lots of them they will never be a true contender. They were first out this gen so I don't want to hear 2nd place. 3rd place is coming quickly. You need exclusives not multiplatform games to win. Any video gamer worth his salt knows this and I don't want to hear flap from a 13 yr old. I've gamed for almost 30yrs I know what I'm talking about. Studio support is the only way you win. Please tell me all the studios exclusive Ms. Short list huh? They can't pay for 3rd party support for ever. It's not a very good business model. Look at the list of games they have this year. Proof is in the pudding. Studios and games don't magically appear.
Foxgod  +   2546d ago
And still people think the ps3 is stronger then the 360, how many more examples do they need.

GeoW2 > Kz2
Multi 360 > ps3.
solidjun5  +   2546d ago
Yea whatever helps you sleep better at night FOX.
Pennywise  +   2546d ago

Funniest comment of the day!
Graphics Whore  +   2546d ago
Keep pretending that Xbox 360 has Killzone 2 graphics.
Obama  +   2546d ago
You must be very delusional if you ever think gears2 looks better than killzone2. It's quite sad actually even by fanboy standard.
Magic_The_Celt  +   2546d ago

I love gears of war 2, but even i know that Killzone 2 rapes it in graphics, then again YOU havnt even played Killzone 2 :)
TheMART  +   2546d ago
No actually Fox talks on facts

Gears 1 & 2 > KZ2

Gears 1 - 9.4 out of 10 average
Gears 2 - 9.3 out of 10

KZ1 - 7.0 out of 10 average
KZ2 - 9.2 out of 10 average (and dropping, just came from 9.3)

Simple as that. KZ2 has nice death animations, changing AI and some nice effects. Overall it doesn't has Crysis like graphics and the complete style on Gears 2 is a lot better then KZ2's grey, grey, more grey and a few red glowing eyes. Pretty generic stuff it is.

Oh and Magic the celt/Ali the brit...

I have played the KZ2 demo and no it doesn't rape Gears 2 in graphics. Actually the character models/textures even looks less then Gears, and generic like COD4 characters. It lacks soul overall and the total graphic setup doesn't sparkle as much as a game should.
#19.6 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
lokiroo420  +   2546d ago
WHat you have to say about this boxhog

Star Ocean 4, runs at a native resolution of 900x510
wow I would consider that some power

360 exclusives<slimy turd
#19.7 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Graphics Whore  +   2545d ago
Mart is the equivalent of a 8 year old with his fingers jammed in his Ears going "'la-la-la-la' I can't hear you Xbox 360 is teh bestest".

Xbox Fanboys have a bad rep because they refuse to acknowledge the achievements each console has made. Even SONY FANBOYS acknowledge this, only the Xbox Fanboys are the worst off.
Shane Kim  +   2545d ago
Mart, wake me up when a 360 game has been compared to Crysis.
NewZealander  +   2545d ago
i dont think fox is totally wrong, yes ive played GOW2 andKZ2, and both have great graphics.

but if i had to compare then i think GOW2 has better character models, weapons, and sharper textures.

KZ2 has alot going on, explosions are nice but the grenades look a bit weak, and never seem to do much damage, KZ2 has better lighting too.

KZ2 is so overhyped, i went into the game expecting to be blown away, because thats what the fanboys on this site lead me to believe, dont get me wrong KZ2 is the best looking game ive seen on ps3, especially after seeing the disapionting resistance 2, but KZ2 is really nothing i havnt seen before, the lighting is great but just because its the first time PS3 has seen decent lighting doesnt mean it hasnt been doen before elsewhere.

to all the people that say GOW2 is not an improvement over the first game, i disagree especially when you see levels where you ride the grindlift with all the action going on, or cut out that worms beating heart, or ride the reavers through the forest, GOW2 shows up the origonal in both gameplay and graphics.

if KZ2 can be doen on the ps3 then it can be doen on 360, its a great looking game but im not fully convinced its the graphical milestone the fanboys want it to be, for the ps3 its a milestone yes, but its nothing i havnt seen before.
Sangria  +   2546d ago
Sub-HD or not, i still prefer Playstation's D-pad. Playing with the analogs on Street Fighter II HD on 360 was really a pain, and even if i will buy both 360 and PS3 versions (because i have as much friends that will play SFIV on 360 as on PS3), i know i will prefer playing on PS3.
josh14399  +   2546d ago
who cares im still getting the ps3 version on friday coz the 360 pad is crap for fighting games. im actually worse at playing if i use a fight stick so i cant buy the 360 version anyway coz i would ultra fail.
ceedubya9  +   2546d ago
Give the fight pad a try
Its better suited for fighting games than the standard controller that comes with each console. They have it for both the PS3 and 360, so you should try it out for you system of choice.

A lot of people like it, but then there are some that feel like they don't. Might be a good investment.
divideby0  +   2546d ago
and this has 0 importance,since you play the game in action and its not apparent..hey gotta toss em a bone...KZ shut em up good
XDF  +   2546d ago
Just got the Madcatz Fightpad (blanka version) and it plays great with SF2 HD. Can't wait for this game today. These comparison are stupid because of some graphics differences.

Both consoles will have this game so everyone win. The next 2-3 weeks I will be broke. Halo Wars, Star OCean 4, SF4, RE5, KZ2, Lost and the Damned.
ceedubya9  +   2546d ago
Same here
I'm getting all of those games...Except Killzone 2 as I have to send my PS3 in for repair (it won't read Blu-Ray discs or Dvds!). But I will get it as soon as I get it back.
gnothe1  +   2546d ago
that comment you made about the lowest denominator makes no sense!!

Not sure if this is your first generation of gaming, but multiplatforms are always mildly different from one another since they have to program the code to work for the lowest common denominator, which is the Xbox360's Arcade Sku without a HDD.

the system SPECS dont change JUST BECAUSE it doesnt have an HDD. the arcade 360 version of SFIV still doest suffer from the barley noticable resolution drop that the PS3 version does. an last gen games were made for the lowest common denominater an that was the PS2 an then ported to the other systems with IMPROVEMENTS,smoother textures,AA as less framerate issues, an why? because the systems were more POWERFUL!! why cant the PS3 run 360 ports but the 360 can run PS3 ports. I'm not saying the 360 is more powerful, but how can that be!!

an when a 360 game is made it has LESS framerate problems, more AA an SMOOTHER textures than the PS3 version on the same game. so how was developers able to make games last gen look better on the more powerful system but cant make games this gen look better on the SUPPOSIDLY more powerful system!!just a question!
jerethdagryphon  +   2546d ago
why is the graphics smoother
two words
frame buffer.

from what ican gather the 360 gpu stores a few frames after the one its currently displaying giving it a slight increase in framerate and aa capabilitys
Johnny Rotten  +   2546d ago
lol @ a few frames.
#24.2 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
felidae  +   2546d ago
why is it always the same with multiplatform games?

seriously, i would've already bought a PS3 if EVERY game would be the same on both consoles, especially SFIV, because the d-pad on the PS3 controller is much better for fighting games.

i only need ONE system, so as long as this won't change, there's no reason for me to drop 400 bucks out of the window, just to play some really good exclusives.

so why?
ablecain  +   2546d ago
Oh dear, now what will I do?
Articles like this are why game journalism is an oxymoron
PtRoLLFacE  +   2546d ago
lol a 2d game cant run in 720p is so lame, it should be runing in full HD, lucky me ll be to busy playing some other better games coming soon besides resident evil 5 cough! cough!
#27 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
incogneato  +   2546d ago
stupid ass capcom

they are so lucky i want this game so im still getting it for ps3 since it has better controller.

RE5 is a piece of crap. capcom is very disappointing this gen.
#28 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Parapraxis  +   2546d ago
This artcicle is a waste of f'ing time.
#29 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jackdoe  +   2546d ago
I also noticed that the 360 screen with the Ryu has some kind of weird artifact. Underneath his armpit. Wonder what that is?

Anyways, to be honest, I don't quite buy that it is actually sub-HD unless someone actually counts the pixels (this article obviously didn't or else they wouldn't say "About 630p" they'd give an exact resolution). The reason? It makes no sense. There is no reason to do it for "performance" reasons as during Ultra Combos and Ending Sequences, it shouldn't matter if the framerate drops below 60fps! You don't have control over anything and timing shouldn't matter. Which makes me wonder if Capcom just turned up the Quincunx AA in an attempt to try to mask out the jaggies in close ups, leading to a blurrier screen. But, bah. It doesn't really matter.
#30 (Edited 2546d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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