Shockstar Games: questions the ethos of a certain publisher

"Public perception generally equates the life of a true (stereotypical) rock star as being something akin to a roller coaster ride of fame and fortune, an envied existence largely consisting of negative press and focused criticism, all of it surrounding an incessant stream of profit-lined controversy that often exists separately from any marketable product said 'star' happens to create. Moreover, the tired cliches of music industry profiling decree that copious amounts of Class-A drugs, meaningless sex, foul-mouthed conduct, wanton property destruction, and the occasional death and/or suicide in suspicious circumstances, is an all-but guaranteed blueprint for blazing glory and eventual self-destruction. Scant few music industry rock stars are able to survive and prosper amid such an abusive professional and personal lifestyle (read: Keith Richards), with most buckling pathetically beneath the resultant pressures of their own attention-seeking actions. Yet, those capable of shouldering the burden of relentless media attention, and the wide-ranging critical scrutiny that comes with it, are also able to cleverly align themselves with the overhanging shadow of controversy so that, oddly, it only ever adds to their success and rarely leaves a permanent blemish on their often-sordid history. Meet Rockstar Games.

The Rockstar Games label, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., was founded in 1998 with a view to creating "the most innovative and progressive interactive entertainment" in videogames. Whether that boldly ambitious mission statement (which can be found in variation on all videogame studio Websites) has been achieved is a matter for fervent discussion. Somewhat bizarrely, however, that discussion, be it between two game-loving friends, or an anti-gaming activist and a videogames rating panel, rarely focuses on the actual merits of Rockstar Games' expanding softography where 'innovation' and 'progression' are concerned. While few would argue that Rockstar's amassed portfolio has birthed hugely successful releases in terms of critical acclaim and consumer sales, there are those who see the studio's active pursuit of a potentially dangerous association with controversy as an unseemly blight on the entire videogames industry....

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Maddens Raiders4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

but Manhunt was one of my favourite games of all time. I think Rockstar has a certain 'place' on the wall -- on the 'game noir' portion of wall that is. They seemed to have carried this torch quite well over the last few years; however it seems that the company continues to come under more and more scrutiny and criticism with each new title they release. I'm tired of the GTA series already. It's so boring. Why can't they make a bad - a$$ space based game?