Wired: Hands On: Lost and Damned Breathes New Life (and Death) Into Grand Theft Auto


"I'd recommend dropping the $20 on The Lost and Damned if only because it is the latest example of Rockstar's increasingly skillful ability to tell a complex crime tale, and because terrorizing the city with a gang of bikers is more entertaining than doing the same solo. But if you're completely burned out on GTA already, this is not the answer to your prayers."

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ape0073559d ago

is a fine but rockstar,you should improve the game itself,polish gameplay,make it a bit less realistic

rockstar you really should start working on gta 5 which will be huge and need a blu-ray to develope

still there's a 2nd dlc,omg waste of time,unless rockstar working on both dlc and gta 5

who knows