GamePro: Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? Review

GamePro Writes:

"While Prinny shows some amazing potential with beautiful visuals, amazing production values and innovative stages to traverse, I can't help but wonder what this game would be like if a few extra months were set aside to fine-tune the game's controls and learning curve. Because I was raised on side-scrollers like Sunset Riders and Contra, I really wanted to love Prinny, especially since I'm a big fan of the Disgaea series. Unfortunately, thanks to the unwieldy controls and poor design choices, Prinny bombs. As it stands, I can really only recommend this one to diehard Disgaea fans and masochists looking for a challenge. As the Prinnys would say, "It's a shame, dood."

PROS: Beautiful graphics, trademark series humor, wonderful voice-acting
CONS: Stiff controls, steep difficulty curve, frustrating gameplay
Overall -

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PS360WII3562d ago

Clucky controls :( All the buttons work for me... I guess I see what they are saying with the after jump thing but a lot of games do that. Controlling your character after the jump is not a standard.

Game is fun and very challenging and even with a few more months of dev time I think NIS would still keep the jumping the way it is. Though 3/5 is still a good score :)