Lost and Damned: Hurting Down Under

GTA's downloadable content, The Lost and Damned, has begun stirring up some heated controversy only one day after release. This time it's not because of Rockstar's actions, nor is it because of the flaccid penis we've talked about previously, it's because of the MA15+ rating that the Australian Board of Classification has granted the expansion.

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CrAppleton3560d ago

It's ridiculous that Australian gamers have to miss out on great stuff.. I hope the dust settles on this one and allows for a free ride

bgrundman3560d ago

Their ratings system seems a bit to extreme for my liking. I hope the US never gets that harsh.

CrAppleton3560d ago

U.S. is too focused on freedom of speech.. That would never happen here

CrAppleton3559d ago

So long as those CRAZY democrats don't ruin it for us.. LMAO

Sprudling3559d ago

It's already pretty bad in the US in my opinion. Not regarding violence, but regarding sex. Bloody massacres are ok, but boobs are not. Doesn't really make any sense.

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bgrundman3560d ago

That seems like a pretty unfair deal. So does this mean that the DLC is not available at all for the Aussies?

CrAppleton3560d ago

I think that question will be pending for the moment.. Looks like they're trying to make it a no go for sure though.. =S

Vecta3559d ago

No, its available, and if any bothered to read, the problem is with the fact that they had to alter the original game, like taking out blood pools underneath dead bodies etc, to get it approved and with the LAD they gave it the same rating but they didn't have to alter the game in anyway, so the blood pools and prostitution scenes are all in the game, only if you play the LAD and not the original.

Kinda stupid...

bgrundman3560d ago

Are there any PS3 owners out there that wished they had bought GTA for 360 now that there is exclusive DLC?

CrAppleton3560d ago

I'm glad I own both systems.. and VERY glad I bought it on 360 now.. =)

PotNoodle3559d ago

In a way i wish i did buy GTA4 for 360 instead of PS3, but at the moment - i'm happy with SF4, killzone 2 and halo wars when they come out (got SF4).

I'll probably get it in a few months.

supercharger51503559d ago

I don't know... I think the content is pretty damn MA. I watched the nudity scene, LOL. While I found it utterly hilarious I can see how many people would be totally grossed out. It's really unnecessary too. If you want to see boobs and butts, go to a strip club in REAL LIFE.

dragunrising3559d ago

"Anyone else think the Australian government is bunk on games?"

I think the German government is a tad bit worse.

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