Rumored US PS Store Content for 02/19/09

PlayStationLifeStyle writes:

"This week we are treated to the oh so unusual Noby Noby Boy, I am really looking forward to hearing the feedback on this one. We are getting the usual Rock Band, and Guitar Hero DLC, and we will already be getting some Street Fighter IV DLC... Also from what I am hearing, today's LBP DLC, will be the wipEout HD costume pack, and possibly sticker pack. As always we will update as we get more info...

Make sure to read out rumored section as there are a few interesting titles being rumored for this week."

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Sev3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

We are 99% sure that the LBP DLC although unconfirmed, and unannounced will be the WipEout HD Costume pack, might be some stickers included in the pack as well...


Hopefully, the PS.Blog will post their Sack it to me, today and clear that up for us.

Pennywise3435d ago

Any word on the RockBand songs? It would be nice to get some good songs for once.

Mr_Bun3435d ago

I am amped about the White Zombie tracks

-EvoAnubis-3435d ago

Check my comment at the site, Sev.

Pennywise3435d ago

White zombie is coming today? Wow a band I have actually heard of and like.

Gothdom3435d ago

There's also the Burnout Paradise legendary cars coming out.

Sev3435d ago

@ Gothdom,

Crap, we reported on it, but I forgot to add it to the article.

I will update, and bubbles +++

Sev3435d ago

Updated with Afro Samurai rumored to hit the store today...

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JEDIaNIN3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

& Fat Princess plz

bigjclassic3435d ago

SF IV DL. I remember the director of SFIV saying he didnt want people
paying for extra stuff in SFIV.

Sev3435d ago

@ Y2J, (lol, I know who that is in the avatar)

Oh, it's coming all right. SFIV DLC that is...

rucky3435d ago

Noby Noby Boy!!! I betcha this game is gonna surprise a lot of people.

StalkingSilence3435d ago

For $5, I have to decide between a footlong sub or Noby Noby Boy. I am pretty hungry...

Sev3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Hmm, if you are talking Subway foot longs, then NO, get Noby Noby Boy.

Damn, now you got me hungry. Off to the post office to mail John Killzone 2, that lucky SOB.

BTW - It's FN awesome...

To anyone who reads this. Our Killzone 2 review is coming this weekend.

Voozi3435d ago

Noby Noby Boy can stretch longer then a foot long, thus better value =P

-EvoAnubis-3435d ago

But can Noby Noby Boy be toasted?

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