RE5 Bonus Disc: High-Def Blu-Ray On PS3, Standard DVD On 360

"Yep, that bonus disc will display in brilliant 1080p Blu-Ray high-def for the PS3 version of Resident Evil 5, while the 360 version's bonus DVD will be limited to the standard 480p definition. Initially, Blu-Ray wasn't a huge selling point for the PS3, but since then, HD-DVD has capsized, developers are beginning to take advantage, and extra bonuses like these are starting to surface. For the hardcore RE fans, you're going to want the PS3 version of the Collectors; plain and simple."

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GWAVE3557d ago

It makes sense to me. If you're an RE fan with an HD setup, why would you settle for a 480p DVD?

Mr_Bun3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

I think it would have been a kick in the crotch if both versions only came with Blu-ray. That would have been funny!

Hypnotic3557d ago

You only have an xbox? Why would I get a PS3 for a 1080p bonus disc?

nix3557d ago

to watch or not to watch the movie in true HD.

oh wait.

Lifendz3557d ago

For those of you that own both a 360 and a PS3:

Agree: I buy most of my games on PS3 and will be getting RE5 on PS3.
Disagree: I don't care about 1080p blu-ray features and only buy exclusives on PS3 because I find multiplats are usually better on 360 anyway.

Guitarded3557d ago

I'm so jealous. NOT! So 360 gets the better version of the game and PS3 gets the better version of the bonus disc. What's on the bonus disc? A making of video? Blu shows its true value as a movie format once again.

vfitz663557d ago

Woah, gotta say that was quick. Didn't expect the fanboys to jump on this story so quickly. I mean c'mon dude think about what ur saying. I played the RE5 demo on my PS3 (which I'm getting it on) and found it played the same as on my XBOX360. N ow granted I didn't go at my screen with a microscope but to say the 360 has a better version of this game is utter fanboy nonsense.

For the record, I'm gonna get this on the ps3 for the sole reason that having played the other games on the ps3 I find it easier to play with the ps3's pad.

On topic though. Capcom must have a reason for this. Maybe putting everything in HD on the 360 bonus disk would have meant 2 bonus disks...y'know they may be trying to reduce costs etc. we are in an economic crisis atm.

FarEastOrient3557d ago

Check out the PS3 version of Red Alert 3 where the extra content is in HD and so is the game itself. I'm told there is also other extras to be added by the time it ships so it would be interesting if the "Uprising Content" will be added too.

Elven63557d ago

I'm surprised for the Xbox 360 they aren't making it a WMV HD DVD if it is indeed a DVD, they are cheap, 1080p and have better bitrates then any download services.

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-EvoAnubis-3557d ago

Kinda sucks for 360 RE fans, but at least they get the extras in some sort of format, and PS3 RE fans don't get shafted out of the HD experience.

Mr PS33557d ago

Video comparisons of the Bonus Disc footage

morganfell3557d ago

Ha ha, you know that is coming from someone somewhere. I am just pleased that I purchased the PS3 Collector's edition.

cryymoar3557d ago

good one. where's the xbots to refute this now?
trying to buy a dvd upscaler?

i was thinking about it the other day too. i was just like "haha PS3 owners get an HD bonus disc, xb360 gets junk standard definition. PS3 for the win!"

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3557d ago

Poor xBot Resident Evil Zombie(?) DLC Lemmings!!! ;-D

PS3 always gets the better's just the internet always makes out the xBox 360 versions are better...

360 man3557d ago

yh ps3 got better quality video but 360 has better quality re 5 graphics

il choose graphics over video any day

blackbeld3557d ago

@360 man... In you're dreams mann.....

360 man3557d ago

blackbeld the compasrissons have already been done, which confirms the 360 version has more detail and smoother gameplay

morganfell3557d ago

No 360 muchacho. Incorrect. I did the comparisons on my 52in XBR both with and without PS3 features cranked up and the 360 version looks like it has a film over it and is slightly blurry. It lacks the crispness of the PS3. Not even close.

You are on the losing graphics team 360. You shouldn't even open your mouth on that subject. When stacked against the PS3, the 360 can't get in the eye candy game. Hold out a little hope on some multiplatform title. Hope which is only possible because certain companies still practice the idiocy of dumbing down PS3 version to match their 360 version.

Just deal with and be thankful you do not have an RROD.

Whoops, too late.

360 man3557d ago

looooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooool

am i really gonna believe wat u say lol. or a comparisson on the internet done and tested for all to see.

morganfell damn man u shud try stand up

lokiroo4203557d ago

Ha 360 man using demo comparisons, fail!

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nix3557d ago

it's beginning to show.

morganfell3557d ago

Actually it has been showing. But you are correct. It is good to see a company cease and desist screwing PS3 owners because the competing platform utilizes last gen technology.

cryymoar3557d ago

yeah i'm kinda surprised they didn't shaft us PS3 owners by just giving us an SD DVD because the 360 can't play blu-rays. kinda how we get 9GB multiplat games. GTA4 rings a bell.

pwnsause3557d ago

its been showing for a while. Didnt you see that SFIV collectors edition just sell out lately? thats what developers should be doing more when it comes to collectors edition of games.

BTW if Sony finally gets to merge games with movies on one blu-ray disc, its going to become even more attractive.

xwabbit3557d ago

Their suppose to release some this year..... hope they do :o

ThanatosDMC3557d ago

They better not have installs... im broke. I want to get a PSP-2000 slim, two copies of PS3 RE5, Killzone 2, 500gb 2.5", and "break" my HDTV to replace it using my extended warranty with a bigger screen.

Guitarded3557d ago

Blu-Ray is really starting to show itself as the better movie format. DVD's are dead.

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