Battle For Midway is Not Over Yet

BeefJack writes, "Last week Midway Games was forced to file chapter 11 bankruptcy after failing to raise enough capital to pay off its $240 million in debt...

However, as of yesterday, a U.S. bankruptcy court has given Midway permission to continue day-to-day operations in its attempts to reorganize in order to meet its financial obligations..."

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Cajun Chicken3587d ago

I really want Midway to survive due to their risk taking and big budget titles last gen like Psi-Ops, Unreal Championship 2, The Suffering, Area 51 and I even liked Stranglehold this gen. They made some really good games, excellent fun and of course, the fate of the Mortal Kombat license.

It's also annoying just as Interplay rises from the dead, Midway starts to sink. I WANT BOTH!!!