Sony set to fight to retain lead in console market on all fronts

Reuters has quoted Electronic Arts Inc.'s outgoing chief executive Larry Probst in an article that states 'the world's biggest video game publisher expects Sony Corp.'s dominance over the console market to slip in the current hardware war'.

It's all good and well to make that kind of prediction, but it should come as no surprise that Larry Probst wants to go out with a bang, and what better bang that making comments about Sony, which despite strong sales of the Xbox 360 and the Wii, remains top-dog in the world of games consoles through the incredible, near-decade long success of the PS2, which is still expected to outsell the PS3 this year and in 2008?

Probst was quoted by Reuters as saying that "We expect that there will be a more level playing field this time around than last time", with the Reuters report saying 'said Probst, who expects Sony to win the new console war, but with a less commanding lead'.

Probst was also quoted as saying "I think the issue is that (the PS3 is) expensive. This should not have surprised anyone".

In theory, Probst, who is the head of the massive games company, Electronic Arts, would have some idea of the games console market, creating games as they do for just about every games platform in recent history, including even the ill-fated Nokia N-Gage series of games oriented cell phones

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XboxDavey4279d ago

Man I know sony would lose a ton of money but if EA keeps talkin Sh!t, and I was phil harrison, id be like alright it might be easier/cheaper to develope for other systems.. Although if you say one mare anti sony comment we are pullin you no ps2 or ps3 then watch the 125 million console owners have to never buy EA. That would cut EA down to like 45 million consoes tops to develope for this gen

Kastrol4279d ago

EA talk a lot of smack they should focus on creating better games and shut up about sony before sony playstation they were bullsh*t developers do you remember no one gave a toss about EA back in the 8 bit/16 bit era
and then they had major success with playstation

EA Need to fix up and create better games and not re polish crap

Rasputin20114279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

I really don't understand why people from the EA camp is talking so much garbage regarding Sony when if Sony put their foot down and say piss off to EA where would they be years from now? Forget years from now where would EA have ben today if it was not for Sony piggy backing them to where they are now!

kewlkat0074279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

They are a TOP Developer, well one of the biggest in the world. We all know that some Developers with a lot of power can say what they want.

Imagine if EA did not release Madden on Playstation, where would the PSone and PStwo be? Even though I hate madden, I rather 2K sports but still. EA does have some leverage in terms of games with installment base. Madden, COD and some others..

Are people forgetting that the Xbox 360 and Wii is here to stay, it's not all about Sony PS1/2 anymore.

EA is very corporate and greedy company, just look at some of their re-hashed games. They are in it to make "MONEY". They took a step back on the Wii and I bet you will be cooking up some new games for that console in the future.

If you want games, EA will give you games, even if half of them suck...they have The money and the developers and they keep swallowing small independent studios that don't stand a chance financially. You loose a lot of creativity, and becomes more about lets get this product out to meet the x-mas deadline.

For us gamers thats a bad thing. For that I dislike EA. (Example MS buying out RARE)

Rasputin20114279d ago

I do agree with how Madden and COD have been massive for Sony and thats probably why they turn the other cheek to EA talking smack..what I disagree with you about is how in the world do you take 2K sports over EA sports? thats just ridiculous.

UrbanJabroni4278d ago

It is simple. Play NFL 2k Whatever.

Merovee4279d ago

Don't get me wrong, with the way sony runs their hardware leaps it's no wonder Dev's get frustrated but dogging the company that handed you a bone and fed your pockets for so long is pretty much the dumbest move I've ever seen.

It's not like EA's games can hold a candle to other 360 games either. Nor Nintendo's for that matter. And I haven't seen an EA game since the First SSX that's really been all that good as far as I'm concerned. Their games, especially their sports franchises, just get worse every year.

ROFL It's kinda like if a bunch of alcoholic fat asses in stained "wife-beaters" started saying Wal-Mart is too low class for them.

Rasputin20114279d ago

I do agree about 75% of their sports franchises have been going down the "crapper" each year but I strongly believe that EA sports did a good job of taking its Hockey Franchise off life support because I feel this years edition(NHL07) is better then the last 2..maybe 3 installments.

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