Professor Hopes WoW Can Save The Planet

Stanford University Professor Byron Reeves believes he can change the way millions of people conserve electricity by incorporating Smart Meters into World of Warcraft. Players' performances would reflect how good (or bad) they are to the environment.

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Maticus3502d ago

I can't see how it would be implemented. Interesting to see what he says when he replies.

thetamer3502d ago

Yes, that is something that isn't going to be easy to monitor, implement or track I wouldn't have thought. Plus, will WoW players really care about the real world?

Montrealien3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

This is a great idea, thinking big is always good.

also, I am a WoW player, and I care about the Real world...

*looks out the window from work and sees the drunken bum begging for cash*

hmmm, I wonder if some people can drink a beer now and then, you know, without begging for cash on the corner of the street for it?

Addiction is a sickness, some people shop too much, others eat all the time, others wake up to a scotch, others with a needle, and, it just so happens some play WoW way to much.

ThanatosDMC3502d ago

::looks at the picture::

He's a pedo of WoW! There i said it.

AndyA3502d ago

Good luck with that one, Professor.

Dorjan3502d ago

Save the cheerleader, save the world!


CptBach3502d ago

hahahahahahaahahah ROFL

johover1123502d ago

Save The WOW, Save The World!

Fyzzu3502d ago

Er... Well, it's an interesting idea, but...

tplarkin73502d ago

Global "climate change" is a hoax. Besides, Jesus already saved the world.

Montrealien3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

you`re right, the son of a virgin saved the world at least five times, before Jesus was even born. Sometimes great books just go down in history, even if it`s based of an old story passed down from generation to generation.

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