Orange Box Engine Update Released

Updates to the Orange Box Engine have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

Orange Box Engine

* Updated the engine to report SteamIDs using the Steam_0 format instead of Steam_1
* Fixed problems in Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Portal, and Source mods running the current Orange Box engine
* Reverted the change that capped rate at 30000

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likedamaster3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

No 360/ps3 update?

Btw, mod banned me to openzone and took a bubble after I mistakenly wrote "droid" which I never wrote before, ever!(check history)on the gamerzone. A little harsh I think. I never used the word "droid" or "xbot" before because I felt it was immature and then this happens. Thanks alot N4G.

M337ING3558d ago

Valve is PC first and foremost.

I doubt we'll be seeing any PS3 patches and 360 will get few, if any.

free2game3653558d ago

Does this mean we can finally use the new lighting features in Left 4 Dead and the different style of model renderings? Or finally get multicore optimization for TF2 so it doesn't run like crap?

TheIneffableBob3558d ago

This is just a general update to the Orange Box engine fixing the SteamID change which caused mods to break.

Marcelles253558d ago

the source engine or a different engine?