Boomtown: Killzone 2 Review

Boomtown: A real shame that such a solid entertaining shooter has to carry the weight of the fanboy hoards.

How many expectations can one game carry on its shoulders? Killzone 2 doesn't feel like a game that is carrying the hopes of millions. It is not really a mass market system seller any more than LittleBigPlanet is.

But Killzone 2 is just a videogame and we should judge it as such. And Killzone 2 is a really good game that could have been much better. There's plenty to admire about the interaction with the enemy AI and the gorgeous graphics, I just feel that more attention paid to the level design, pacing and especially the story/setting would have reaped dividends.

If those areas are improved in the inevitable Killzone 3 then we are really in for an epic feast. But here in Killzone 2 you'll get a great fun game that will pay you back in entertainment the money you pay for it.

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GWAVE3559d ago

92 on Meta based on 54 reviews.

Where is your god now, haters?

Hallucinate3559d ago

he came like on the 2nd..but yesterday or something he betrayed them by giving halo wars a 7/10 =D

jammy_703559d ago

7.1 dolby sound, only a 7?
best graphics ever, only an 8?
durablity, good campaign and good multiplayer, only an 8
gameplay.... is level design to do with gameplay, the demo gameplay was great
this guy it a fool

i hope this aint on metacritic...

Insomnia_843559d ago Show
Foxgod3559d ago

92 is very good, but you can imagine that xbox owners will say, but halo and gears1 have 9.4, and gears 2 has 9.3.......

GWAVE3559d ago

@ Foxgod

Yep, they could say that, but then PS3 owners can say "But MGS4 has a 94, and LBP has a 95".

I'm pretty sure that's why most 360 fanboys stopped worshiping Meta a while ago.

Blademask3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

They try to cling onto uh, game.. something. Can't think of the other site. Unfortunately for them Microsoft and all other industry standards solely use Metacritic as their e-penis meter.

The scores thing is stupid, but PS3 folks didn't start it. Not by a long shot. We just finished it.

Seems you cant get an honest kz2 review these days, everyone wants to attack the "fanboys" instead. But what is wrong with being hyped about an FPS that would have the best graphics on a console, and good online.

It is really like they dont want Sony owners to be happy about anything. Very hypocritical. We should just get the game and run away quitely, while people get to pretend Banjo Kazzooie was going to be GOTY and no one critisizes.

Kaneda3559d ago

hmmmm.. I wonder what they gave GoW 1 and 2..

Skizelli3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Seeing you fanboys make such a fuss over reviews, meta scores, as well as making assumptions and putting words into other people's mouths makes me laugh. Do you really think anyone cares about a couple tenths of a point? Seriously?

NMC20073559d ago

this Xbox fan has never heard of Metacritic until that LBP fiasco, so I never really cared and still don't. *shrugs*
I don't let others dictate what I spend my money on, sadly, most gamers do these days.

Hell, I never even been on the site before, even during the LBP fiasco.

u got owned3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

it is going to be on Metacritics unfortunately.

Anyway, who cares, almost all the major sites have said the game is incredible.

Re-versed3559d ago

What a pathetic try of yours u idiot!!Killzone 2 has 54 review right now compared to 80+ reviews that your 2 favourite games have!!So of course it doesnt matter the exact score cause we already know that killzone 2 is way better from HALO 3,but we all know that EDGE intentionaly degrated killzone's score!Why??Cause everyone with eyes could see that FEAR 2 dont deserve a better score than KZ 2 in any way!!Even the beta was way better than the whole FEAR 2 game!!Stay with your scores while PS3 owners will enjoy the most polished gun play ever created!!I cant stand idiots like u!!

Sitdown3559d ago

What are you talking about? I think you are arguing a point that really makes no sense....and to a degree Gwave did in his original post. Having those extra 20 or 30 plus reviews could actually cause the KZ 2 metacritic score to drop.......just as it could cause it to I am not sure what the point is of talking about the current score when it was not reviewed by the same amount of people as Halo 3. Again...more reviews could actually bring that score down....and again, it could also make it again, not a point you can argue at this current time.

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Insomnia_843559d ago

"Graphics- 8:Brilliant in technical terms but let down by poor art and design." poor art and level design? POOR ART AND LEVEL DESIGN? wtf?

"Gameplay-7:While the gunplay is good it's let down by the often poor level design." OMFG! I've played the [email protected] demo like 10 times already!!

Aaaaaaaanyway, just another opinion.

Gue13559d ago

Believe it or not this is one of the best reviews I have read about the game.

snipermk03559d ago

cos the retarded reviewer based his opinion on the single-player and not the main portion for what the game was built for? Thats like rating how good sex is from porn movies!

-EvoAnubis-3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

So, this guy didn't play the entire game, but still decided to review it? What kind of bullsh!t is that?

mintaro3559d ago

I'm pretty sure this is a review of the single player experience.

-EvoAnubis-3559d ago

So? How the hell do you review only one part of a game and call it a game review? Should a game like Burnout:Paradise be reviewed while ignoring the incredible online options? Or CoD4? Halo? Resistance 2?

That's downright idiotic. You can't pick and choose which part of a game you want to review and then give the game a score based on what you chose to play. Play the entire game, or don't review it. Period point blank.

kapedkrusader3559d ago can you rate "Durability" without considering on-line multi-player. If CoD4 was only a SP game, it would've never reached so much critical acclaim. It would have been a good rental at most, with no durability at all.

Skizelli3559d ago

Maybe so, but CoD4's SP was epic. It was nothing short of brilliant.

Traveler3559d ago

I think you are exaggerating. COD4's campaign was pretty fun, but we all know that what really made that game shine was its online component.

-EvoAnubis-3559d ago

"I think you are exaggerating. COD4's campaign was pretty fun, but we all know that what really made that game shine was its online component."

Agreed. From what I understand, the single player was mildly epic, but isn't isn't STILL being played right now because it's so much fun all by your lonely. Killzone 2 will be played long after the 8-10 hour campaign mode is completed, but this tool would know nothing about that because he chose not to experience the epic-sounding 5-in-1 rank/perk based 32 player online multi-player.

Skizelli3559d ago

@3.5: Exaggerating? Me and everyone else, right? I don't think so, friend. I, along with many other gamers not only enjoy MP, but story-telling as well. CoD4 had an epic story that was told and presented in blockbuster fashion. The ending couldn't get much better. Disagreeing is your right, but to go as far as saying I'm exaggerating is a bit much.

@3.6: From what you understand? So I take it you haven't even played it all the way through, if at all? If that's the case, how can you even agree? And I didn't even mention KZ2. Fanboys, I swear.

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happyface3559d ago

an 8? this site appears bias, dont give them hits

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