Return of the $99 iPhone 3G

AT&T is offering the 8GB iPhone 3G (black) for $99. The 16GB model is available in black or white for $199. That's a savings of $100 on both models.

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pacowles3558d ago

Isn't there some loophole that allows you to get the iPhone with the contract and keep it as long as you cancel the contract within 3 days? Just wondering because even without phone service, it's basically like getting an iPod Touch (with a camera as well, which the Touch doesn't have) for next to nothing.

itsthechaz3558d ago

I don't know the answer to that, but I would sure like to know. I have been looking at getting a touch and this would save me some money.

itsthechaz3558d ago

I read that you have to return the phone if you cancel before 30 days.