IGN: First Dead Space Extraction Details, Trailer

EA and Eurocom craft a ground-up Wii prequel with first-person on-rails gameplay and describe why they went rail shooter, co-op, and more in this IGN interview.

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r3xmund13590d ago

I loved HoTD:Overkill....

So I am in the mood for m ore 'on-the-rails' action!

Product3590d ago

Key Features of the article:

-Story describes the events leading up to the arrival at USG
-The unique gameplay and first-person perspective allows us to combine a high action horror movie experience within an interactive environment.
-Dead Space Extraction also retains the core gameplay mechanics from Dead Space, like strategic dismemberment, weapon upgrades, stasis, telekinesis, alternate-fire modes, and more.
-Extraction is not your typical Rail Shooter. Our goal is to innovate and push the genre forward like Dead Space did for third-person action survival horror.
-Important elements from Dead Space that we needed to retain:

1. Exciting and rewarding gameplay
2. A horrific experience set in visually stunning environments
3. Incredible mood and sound
4. A mature and thought provoking story
5. Unique, terrifying, and satisfying enemies, weapons and bosses
-We have a few other new tricks up our sleeves.
-All new Heroine, the Arc Welder tool, and an all new Flying enemy
-It would not be a Dead Space game if we did not deliver on the violence, horror, terror, and action from the original game
-There was a ton of very over the top ideas we could not get into Dead Space as we were pushing to final the game. We are bringing many of these disturbing and shocking concepts into Extraction and more. Take my word for it the team spends a lot of time trying to push the boundaries of what is acceptable in a mature game.

SupaPlaya3588d ago

the trailer looks really nice. Good news for Wii owners and rail shooter lovers.

TheColbertinator3589d ago

Damn.Sounds like the Wii is getting great treatment based on its own strengths.EA and Sega are really treating the Wii seriously and I wish success.

Product3589d ago

Im with you on that.....i dont see why this game is getting so much flak........we should just wait and see whats going on with this...even with less control i still think,from the interview,that they are doing a good job of capturing the mood and atmosphere which is Dead Space.

NMC20073589d ago

I think that is because they took the coward's way out and put it on rails, from my understanding, Dead Space had an Xbox version in the works or something but they showed the Xbox version and it was like the other versions, not on rails, so if the Xbox could accomplish Dead Space then why not the Wii?

I think that is where the flack comes in, Wii owners get shafted once again, first on Dead Rising now Dead Space, what's next? An on rails Mega Man?

Product3588d ago

Come on though,i mean we really havent even seem anything yet really of this game.Yea its on rails but the devs in the interview talk about"expanding" the genre....i think they have some tricks up their sleeves about what a lightgun game should be.I think they will have multiple routes to beat the game kinda like Starfox 64.I dont know but the lightgun genre hasnt been changing or has evolved since it came out in arcades........i want to know how they will expand that.

GFahim3588d ago

even though im really disappointed that the game wasn't the next RE4 wii game, by just looking at the trailer and taking in the explanation of the game, especially exclusive co op multiplayer (online?), i am definitely looking forward to this game, especially because of the great graphics it has.

it still looks moody with great atmosphere and the that maintains the dead space feel - who knows this really could be THE best on rails shooter ever which is absolutely no problem

Gr813588d ago

What, I'm with you on that. I was initially disappointed by the decision honestly. But I think its best to really let the game be what it will be. Graphically it looks stunning, all that talk about what the Wii "can't do" will probably become null after this yr.

Product, I have to admit that Starfox 64 is one of my favorite games. That and Sin and Punishment are so dope that I sometimes forget that they are in fact on rails. I'm keeping this game on the radar.

TheROsingleB3588d ago

I'm with you on this, I honestly dont mind rail shooters, loved House of the Dead in the arcade, and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles for Wii, so I see nothing wrong with Dead Space being on rails at all. Yes, its a change from the original but with the same developers so it's not like a new company is taking reign over the original title and bastardizing it.

Honestly, I can't wait to see more on this title.

TheBand1t3588d ago

It's a lightgun game because it's one of the Wii's really good strengths. You ever played Time Crisis 4 on the PS3? It sucked bawls.

I'll end up playing this at a friends house probably, as I love me some Dead Space.

Product3588d ago

good point,

wii really is suited for such a genre but how they expand that genre is the real question

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