Jack Talks Back: Sony on critics, competitors, and the PS3

GamePro editors Vicious Sid and Bro Buzz had a rare chance to interview Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America. The group discussed the reception of the PlayStation 3, the future of the PS3, and how Sony compares itself to its competitors.

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techie4306d ago

Would Sony ever consider releasing an updated "pro" Sixaxis controller, maybe with offset analog sticks and rumble support at a slightly higher price?

Jack Tretton: We used to have a narrow approach to controllers. If you really wanted to [move outside the standard controller], we left it up to third party manufacturers. But now we're moving to a regional approach. You will see peripherals coming from SCEA that will address the interests of the U.S. consumer. I don't have anything to tell you specifically, but we're certainly open to changing the Sixaxis controller if it addressed North American gamers. could be truuue.

nix4306d ago

this guy talks sense... phil harrison is also smart one... good to see top heads talking good (sensible) things from sony's side.

calderra4305d ago

Anyone still listening to Jack Tretton for reliable info does NOT have any clue who he is.

Here's some fun quotes from this year:
(can't remember the exact quote) "I'll give anyone 1,200 if they can show me a PS3 that has stayed on a shelf for more than 5 minutes."
"Motorstorm will ship in 1080p at 60fps."

And the golden oldie:
"We could sell 5 million units without games."

Please do not lend any credit to this man's wild, crazy ramblings.

kewlkat0074305d ago

Give me a break...

Sony has lied so much about things and making promises and being arrogant about the PS3 and you call this guy sensible.