WorthPlaying: Deadly Creatures Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Innovation in gaming is always something to be praised. After all, if developers never tried anything new, we'd still be playing pretty variations of Pong and Snake. Unfortunately, not every experiment is a slam dunk, with some ideas ending up a lot rougher than they should be. Such is the case with Deadly Creatures. The concept is great, but the execution leaves something to be desired.

Set in the desert, Deadly Creatures steps apart from the pack as soon as it starts. Instead of playing as either of the two human protagonists, you'll alternate levels playing as a tarantula and a scorpion. The two humans in the game (voiced by Dennis Hopper and Billy Bob Thornton) appear in the background for most of the adventure, searching for lost treasure as you and your two creepy crawlies attempt to survive the natural hazards of the land."

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